Canadian Experience Class

If you have studied full time in Canada for two years resulting in a degree or diploma, AND have worked for one full year after the degree, you can qualify for expedited permanent residence. The job must have been in the professional, technical or management areas.

Permanent Resident Visa

There are several ways to get a permanent resident visa. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) focuses on encouraging foreign nationals to apply for temporary status either as workers or as students before applying for permanent resident status. As a result, the favoured routes for entering into Canada on a temporary basis are known as LMIA, IEC or NAFTA. These are explained on our work permit page. If you have completed one full years of work experience under a work permit in Canada under specific acceptable categories, you can also apply for expedited permanent residence under CEC.

Resident Advantage

Administratively and socially, it makes a lot of sense to select permanent residents from a pool of foreign nationals who are already in Canada since they have had the opportunity of adjusting culturally, linguistically and socially to Canadian standards and mores. As well, Canadian employers are much more receptive to hiring those who already have legal status (be it temporary) rather than having to face the prospect of filling out additional forms to qualify a potential foreign worker.


You must have proficient or at least moderate mastery of French or English, which must be proven by a formal language test.


Fill out the following application to determine if you qualify under the Canadian Experience class.