K & J – Jamaica

Yesterday we received our Confirmation of Permanent Residency letter. I remember coming to your office when things seemed a bit unsure for us. In that meeting you reassured me that we were doing everything right and didn’t really need you. At some point in the process we were rejected again, I emailed you for advice and you told us to send an inquiry. You were confident based on the information I gave you that we did everything correctly and someone at IRCC had missed a beat. They saw the error and reopened our file and continued processing. Thank you for guiding us to a successful end. We can honestly say, without the information you gave us (that you may have thought was minor) was the one piece that turned everything around. Thank You!


S D – Citizenship Applicant, Vancouver

I was extremely stressed after receiving my Residence Questionnaire at Citizenship Test. It is an especially daunting document if you travel frequently and/or also have any overseas business and family interests. David’s first words were of total reassurance and he then proceeded to calmly read through my information and queries in detail. There was no feeling of any rush, no hesitance to answer my queries in full. I left the call feeling relaxed, in control and knowing what to do. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending David


Colin Bell – United States

The paid phone consultation was worth its weight in gold. David gave me a candid discussion of options and chances of success with a permanent residency application (not high for a retired senior citizen). He suggested that I might try a relatively painless application for a citizenship card because of a 2009 immigration law change that granted citizenship to first generation offspring of a Canadian father. Worked like a charm! I jokingly asked my wife when I should take my first hockey lesson.


John Mcgoff – Scotland

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you very much for all your helpful advice in the past which has led to my Permanent resident status. It’s been a struggle and I am very happy to say it’s over! I can now focus on making the best of my life in Canada…the best country in the world! Thanks again David and I will be sure to recommend you to future prospects from Scotland!


Stephanie Schipper & Jonathan Bowler – United Kingdom

David Aujla is amazing at what he does; he made us feel calm and took the time to answer all of our many questions. When we first came to him, we felt lost and thought there would be no end to the immigration process. David explained clearly to us what was happening, gave us a plan of action, and followed us through the plan. We could not be happier with his services, the staff at his office, and how everything has come together. I highly recommend using David’s services for anyone going through this stressful process.


Hazel Boyd – France

Three years ago we sought your advice about applying for permanent residency in Canada; we had a telephone consultation with you from our home in France. I thought you might like to know that our application was successful and we had to submit no further information; we just had to be patient! The process took three years almost to the day. Thank you for your advice all that time ago and we have recommended you to others in our position.


M. & C. Valentine – France

I initially spoke to David by phone, and in the time it took to briefly describe our backgrounds, David had a workable idea of how we should set about making our application. It was his clear, calm outlook on what can be a very complex procedure that most impressed us. Even though we had a far from straightforward employment history, his systematic and very thorough approach made everything fit together perfectly. Above all else, David stayed focused on our ultimate goal, despite our own frustration and impatience with the immigration system. The right way to take on the immigration process is to get help from David Aujla, relax and try to think of something else for a while!

A big thank you to David and all his staff for our newly arrived PR visas.


M.R. – United States

I am pleased to report that my family and I landed in Canada last night as permanent residents. For many years, I struggled with depression and anxiety because I could not obtain legal status for my wife in the US. Now, I feel a sense of relief. Your sound advice was key to this success and I am very grateful to you, David. Many thanks.


Wendy and Raymond Mitchell – United States

We would like to add to the many wonderful testimonials to David’s professionalism by thanking him for his introduction to the Canadian spirit of generosity and for his unparalleled demonstration of integrity. We learned about David’s commitment to excellence when a friend, who had similarly applied for permanent residence status, told us about his invaluable role in her success. An initial telephone consultation with him then convinced us that his services would be well worth the investment. It’s a long process when you’re over sixty and have to document your entire life since age eighteen, but David’s responsive encouragement and accessible expertise kept us confident and on track. When we did experience the inevitable frustrations with bureaucracy, he quickly helped us turn them back into realistic and positive expectations. We hope our comments will direct you to engage the services of this very competent and caring gentleman.


Julie and Antonio C. – USA

We just wanted to say thank you very much for your help with our case. Of all of the attorneys who we have dealt with in both Canada and the US, you have been – by far – the most professional, competent, and honest and straightforward who we have encountered. Once again, many thanks.


Paul Sakran, Skilled Worker – United States

Of all the Canadian immigration attorneys I have dealt with over the past three years related to my skilled worker case, Mr. Aujla has been by far the best. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about the impact of the amendments to the Canadian Immigration Act and its ramifications for new applicants, but most importantly Mr. Aujla genuinely cares about his clients and always strives to provide them with honest and practical solutions. Successful immigration to Canada can be a difficult process, fraught with many potential pitfalls for the unwary applicant. It is essential to have expert guidance from the outset, and in this regard I would wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Aujla to anyone who is seriously considering a move to Canada.


Tom and Sarah Ackerman – USA

You are the greatest! Many, many thanks!

Sarah and I are extremely happy that we found you and really appreciate all that you have supplied us with. I am so looking forward to the day of my “landed immigrant status” and eventually my citizenship to this beautiful country. Thank you.


O.K. & M.K. – Denver, Colorado

Thanks so much for your advice and today’s telephone consultations. They have been extremely helpful to us, as we went around in circles seeking correct information from IRCC. We’re both pleasantly surprised by your thorough knowledge of the subject and your advice. As we said, it makes our life easier, we just wish we talked to you before we started seeking info from the Canadian government.

We’ll be glad to recommend you to anyone who might seek any advice about immigration to Canada. And I must say we were very impressed by the references at your site, but now we are totally assured it’s absolutely true. Thanks very much!


Joan Azzu – USA

I wish to compliment the firm on its phone consultation service in regards to Canadian immigration. It was just the unique assistance I needed after a frustrating search for immigration regulations and embassy call centres that no longer respond to queries unless in writing. In setting my appointment for the phone consultation, I found the assistants to be very friendly and I got an appointment that day. After speaking with David Aujla the first time, I had no doubt where I’d find my answers to my immigration questions in the future. I was so impressed with his knowledge of new and upcoming laws and his tailored suggestions on my case.

I was surprised, when I called back for more advice, four months later. He had created a file for me to keep himself familiar with my case in case I needed his help again. In both cases, he emailed me to offer any further assistance and listed useful websites for more information.

I had reservations at first, but for the knowledge I gained, I only wish I had called sooner. And the best thing about it is I never felt that Mr. Aujla was trying to pressure me into retaining his firm. Some lawyers will not even entertain your questions unless you retain their full services. He only offered the services I needed and gave me all the knowledge and information to make an informed decision in the future to enhance my case.

I really appreciate his style – not simply giving pat answers, but creating solutions. Thanks to his phone consultation feature, I now know which avenues are the best routes for migration to Canada and I no longer am confused about the process. No doubt … the best money I ever spent.


Elke Schwarz – Austria

Thank you very much for your fast response and summary of our conversation. Both Andrew and I feel that talking with you was a good decision and that we will be able to use your valuable advice to our advantage.

We came away with a good sense of knowing what lies ahead of us and were able to eliminate some of the concerns we had prior to our visit with you. We feel that you have given us powerful tools to influence a process that seemed so entirely out of our control.

It was only yesterday that with great confidence we gave your number to a friend in a similar situation.

Thank you again and best regards.

An Associate of

Crease Harman LLP