Jessica H. – United States

Working with Mr. Aujla was great. Everyone working at his office always friendly and prompt anytime we called. My wife received her PR in a timely manner that matched the timeline David gave us at our consultation. I would recommend the services my wife and I received to anyone trying to get themselves or a loved one into our beautiful country. Thanks again Mr. Aujla!


Dr. Keith V. Erickson – United States

Today I received my permanent resident card. It took four months but I am overjoyed. I can finally get my affairs in legal order. Thank you so much for all your help. You were wonderful and always followed through on my questions and calmed my anxieties. Please feel free to post this on your web site. You made a nearly impossible set of regulations and demands do-able.

A very satisfied client!


Mathieu and Ruth Maria – Guatemala

Back in December 2015, my wife applied for Permanent Residence, to come join me in Canada. We were living for the last 4 years in Guatemala, and I was originally from Montreal so I knew no one in Vancouver. I researched online and read a lot of reviews, and decided to choose Mr Aujla as our immigration lawyer. From the beginning I felt really comfortable. He asked us questions, prepared our file and sent it in. It was flawless and I was really confident. 10 months later my wife has landed in Canada. I have nothing but good words for Mr Aujla. I would also like to say a huge thank you to his amazing assistant, Debbie, who always answered my questions and followed up with me through the process. I must have called her 100 times in 10 months and she was always friendly and knowledgeable. If I had one advice for anyone who is looking for a lawyer, don’t get fooled by the price. You will have the peace of mind of dealing with one of the best immigration lawyers in Canada and the quick and pain-free process is priceless.

Thanks to both of you. You made another happy family and we are extremely grateful for that!


K. and J. – Jamaica

Yesterday we received our Confirmation of Permanent Residency letter. I remember coming to your office when things seemed a bit unsure for us. In that meeting you reassured me that we were doing everything right and didn’t really need you. At some point in the process we were rejected again, I emailed you for advice and you told us to send an inquiry. You were confident based on the information I gave you that we did everything correctly and someone at IRCC had missed a beat. They saw the error and reopened our file and continued processing. Thank you for guiding us to a successful end. We can honestly say, without the information you gave us (that you may have thought was minor) was the one piece that turned everything around. Thank You!


Joyce Olson – United States

Thank you to David Aujla and his staff!

Without his expertise I could not have made it through the legal process to become a permanent resident.

He and his staff kept me informed and guided throughout the entire procedure. I was able to get my confirmation document in a very timely manner.

Thank you!


James Deren – United States

Five minutes after meeting Mr. Aujla, I knew I had made a wise decision. He was able to navigate my case in a way that allowed me to achieve my goals while the system chugged along. I do not hesitate to recommend Mr. Aujla!


Theresa Metzger – United States

A quick update for you since you were so kind to provide us with your advice: we used the urgent application process and the response time was incredible. His Citizenship Certificate arrived today in the mail – it was mailed by Canada Immigration ONE DAY after they received his application!! Incredible! Now he can go back to Vancouver and start this career-changing internship.

Thank you so much!


Mark & Barbara – New Zealand

My wife and I would like to personally thank David Aujla and his excellent staff for guiding us through permanent residency. Prior to hiring David, we had pitfalls with so called ‘immigration firms’ where we were simply a number and were unhelpful in advancing our case.

After a consultation with David, we had several options made available for us, and had a clear path to residency. David and his team were with us every step of the way. Although we had a few minor snags in the process, I could not imagine a smoother process.

We now have our residency and it has opened new doors for us, and my wife and I are both thrilled about our new prospects in Canada.


Mona Kazemy – Iran

I would like to thank Mr. Aujla and his team for taking care of everything from preparation to submission of my application for permanent residence through family sponsorship. Even though my case was somewhat complicated, Mr. Aujla gave me the best consultation and now after less than a year, I am a permanent resident of Canada without going through any stress because of his professional guidance and helpful team.

Mr.Aujla is very knowledgeable, friendly and honest.

I wholeheartedly recommend David Aujla.


Robert Singh – United States

David Aujla’s immigration services were great and hiring him to handle my case was a great decision.

My immigration application was a bit of a harder case because of my background. As a juvenile I had a few run ins with the law which gave me a bit of a bad background making my case a lot more difficult. Even though those offenses were more than 15 years old, I knew I would need help with the process. After I explained my situation to Mr. Aujla, he knew what documents I needed to gather, to show how my life had changed and progressed, and he knew which ways to proceed with my application to prove to immigration that I was worthy of residency. In a case as difficult and complex as mine, there was no way I would have been successful without his services as my attorney. Mr. Aujla and his assistant are a great team. They are very familiar with the system and make the process move along efficiently. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking to Canada. Without him I would not have been successful!


Song Wang – China

I am writing this letter to express my appreciation for all your assistance in my immigration case.

You began to work on my situation over two years ago. You worked on my wife’s complicated case, sorted out problems, and gave us a very good direction. You carried out this task in a timely manner and with a great deal of professionalism. You spent your own time preparing my wife for her immigration interview. Even at the last minute, problems arose as my wife and son arrived in Vancouver airport. You sent your associate late at night to solve this issue at no cost to us. I would also like to thank your assistant, who worked hard on our case and kept us informed of all relevant developments. She kept our files in good order.

Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity to express our true gratitude for all your efforts and support on our immigration issues, in helping me become re-united my wife and son. In our time of difficult and extended separation, you, and your office were a very big support to us.

The story of your kindness will be passed to my son, and the tale of your help will become part of our family history.


N & A – Caribbean

Even in the initial stages of the Canadian PR application process when there were reams of paperwork, we were overwhelmed. It was David’s quiet reassurance and meticulous step-by-step approach that helped us through what turned out to be a complicated and confusing bureaucratic undertaking. Ours was an application for a family of 5 which involved a lot of work, time and effort and it was only because of our faith and trust in David that we remained committed. What we thought would take some 14 months turned into over three years of waiting. The day we “landed” and heard the immigration officer say “Welcome to Canada” was huge for our family. Thank you so much to David and his team.


Jens and Melina Allerdissen – Germany

It has been a long road since our first meeting in 2012. Both Melina and I had great pleasure working together with you. We know this was not an easy matter, but it was always handled with utmost care and professionalism by you and your staff. You were always easy to reach and available on short notice to fix potential problems and explain the ongoing process. Thank you.


R. Athwal – Italy

My wife and I are very happy clients of Mr Aujla’s services. We were recommended to consult with Mr. Aujla by close relatives and I have to say that Mr. Aujla has been very professional and patient through the whole PR process. PR can be a complex process of paperwork and legal issues and Mr. Aujla made it all that more simple and easy to follow. He assisted us through all our doubts and questions very professionally and efficiently. I am happy to recommend him to anyone who needs his services. He helped us, reach closer to our dream of living in Canada and I am sure he can help you too!


Charles and Sarah Baidoo – Ghana

David Aujla and his team were absolutely amazing! They were always quick to respond to all of our questions and the answers were straightforward and thorough. Charles is from Ghana and the wait time for permanent residency is 16 months, but thanks to David and his team we received everything in 5 months! We highly recommend him to anyone interested in hiring an immigration lawyer.


Brian and Dawn Jones – United Kingdom

Put quite simply, we couldn’t have done this without David and his capable team. Immigration law seems to be a minefield, and you definitely need someone in your corner who knows what they are doing. David offered us expert help at every turn, and even when we came across stumbling blocks which could have caused us to despair, David was there, advising different options and routes. We have finally got our acceptance of Permanent Residency letters, and will be flying over shortly to get the paperwork signed off, all thanks to David and his team. All of our questions and concerns were answered very promptly, and our minds were put at ease each time. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending David to anyone who is considering using the services of an Immigration Lawyer to gain entry to Canada. Thank you David!!


Christine Donnery – Australia

My shiny new PR Card arrived in the mail today!

Thank you once again for all your advice, help and persistence in assisting me to achieve this goal. I know without a doubt that I would not have managed to find my way through the Immigration Maze without you. I will be forever grateful to have been fortunate enough to have made contact with you all those years ago, and to have had the benefit of your expertise and knowledge to get me to this point.

My new life is everything I ever wished for and more, and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you!


Razique M – Vancouver Island

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to David. His expertise helped me to obtain my work permit and extend my stay in Canada so I could get a new job. This is incredible. David helped me to clarify an administrative situation I thought was desperate and he also accompanied me all along during the struggles of ever changing laws and conditions, which was something out of the scope of my knowledge. I definitely recommend his services if you have doubts or concerns; he will likely bring you the new insights to consider options you may never thought of. I can breath –after stressful times, thanks to David.


Adrienne Linder – United States

Thanks to your expertise and professionalism, I am now a Canadian Citizen! It was a pleasure dealing with you and your staff. You were always available for any questions or help that I needed. This support is so important when trying to navigate through the tedious and detailed application process. I have and will continue to recommend your services. Thank you again!


Annette Williams – United States

David Aujla worked with me to achieve my Canadian Permanent Residency and begin my new life! It was a pleasure to work with him and his staff. They were always knowledgeable, dependable, and conscientious; offering us timely information and excellent advice.


Mary Russell – United States

In my experience of applying for permanent residency to Canada, David Aujla has been exemplary in his being straightforward as to what to expect, and the steps from point A to point B. I supplied the necessary documentation, and he took it from there, all the way through. As the IRCC requested additional information, Mr. Aujla was most helpful in directing me to websites to obtain that necessary information, and very, very specific in the follow up steps. Going through the process of emigrating can seem lengthy and tedious, but when you have a trustworthy ally in your corner who has your total interest at heart, one thing you don’t need to do is worry, because the job is being taken care of with caring professionalism.


Kathryn, Diego and Santiago – Chile

We are so grateful to David and his staff for their personalized and professional treatment throughout our permanent residence application. According to the Canadian Immigration website the wait time at our Embassy was 18 months and we had confirmation of approval after 14 months, thus beating the average by 4 months! Their prompt and attentive responses kept our anxieties at bay through the entire process and they treated us with ample patience when we asked a million questions! We give them two thumbs up!


CJ Snow – United States

I am so overwhelmed that the process actually did work and how you made me be able to relax through the process. I knew that what I wanted was too important for me to handle myself and needed to be handled by a professional. After deciding that we definitely needed and wanted an attorney, we had to find a reputable one who wouldn’t let us down. After asking friends and acquaintances, we found YOU! I am so happy that we found YOU! You did make everything very simple and I didn’t have to worry that I was getting something wrong. Thank you so much for all of your help with my obtaining my permanent resident status. We’ll be working on citizenship next….


S D – Citizenship Applicant, Vancouver

I was extremely stressed after receiving my Residence Questionnaire at Citizenship Test. It is an especially daunting document if you travel frequently and/or also have any overseas business and family interests. David’s first words were of total reassurance and he then proceeded to calmly read through my information and queries in detail. There was no feeling of any rush, no hesitance to answer my queries in full. I left the call feeling relaxed, in control and knowing what to do. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending David


David Darby – United Kingdom

A financial advisor of mine in England recommended David Aujla to me to assist in obtaining Canadian residence status. I am a British subject, I live in Bahrain in the Middle East and my wife who I met and married in Bahrain, is a Canadian national. My wife and I met David in his office in Victoria in the summer of 2012. He very simply and clearly explained the procedure, including the pit-falls. He advised me if all went well the procedure should take about 18 months. He offered a truly great service and continued to guide and re-assure me when the bureaucracy became too much for me! My complications were many, previous countries I had lived in had changed names, as had towns and streets. I eventually obtained all the necessary documents which I forwarded to David. He performed a near miracle by sorting through it all and forwarding it through to the necessary Government departments. He was correct to his word, In November 2013, about 16 months after our initial meeting, I was granted Permanent Residence status.

Thank you very much David! I do not think I could have done it without your help and continual guidance. I would gladly recommend anyone for your services.


Kevin Anderson – United States

I would just like to say thank you to David for his help and guidance in what can be a stressful time. I could not have asked for more–from the initial help in making sure that my application had its t’s crossed and i’s dotted right up to the help I received when questions arose through the application process. I am most grateful for his availability and quick insightful responses by email to any questions as they arose throughout. I would recommend David to anyone trying to immigrate to Canada.


Allan James – Australia

I would just like to convey my heartfelt gratitude towards David and his team. They have been thorough from the very start, guiding me through each step towards gaining my permanent resident status. I opted for the full service and David was in touch through emails and phone calls both with myself and my employer to get everything set up for the initial application process. Although there was a mass of paperwork, David made it very clear as to what was needed, making the whole application much less stressful! I would happily recommend his services to anybody else who is looking to immigrate to Canada!


Avalon Ingleson – Australia

I would like to thank David and all of his staff for their amazing and professional service while helping me to obtain my Canadian permanent residency. All the daunting paperwork was made so easy and simple to understand with all their help. Never did an question go unanswered and always with a timely and friendly response. I highly recommend David, and all of his staff. I am now an extremely happy Canadian permanent resident and it wouldn’t have been so easily possible without David’s help.


Hana Bilikova – Czech Republic

We have finally landed! We are so thrilled that we can now say we’re permanent residents of this amazing country! We both want to thank you for your help and guidance throughout the immigration process. We would not have been able to do this successfully without your expertise, especially the critical first part of the process – getting the provincial nomination. We will definitely recommend your services to others. Thanks for everything, David!


Frances Allen – United States

I do not hesitate to recommend S. David Aujla and staff to anyone seeking a Canadian immigration lawyer. The service I received from David and staff was always friendly, knowledgeable, professional and prompt. If I had a question that was out of his firm’s realm, David and staff were always willing to go above and beyond and help me locate who I needed to speak with to resolve a question or concern. David’s firm helped me navigate an international move, custody concerns with two small children, and all the relocation paperwork and applications for Canadian residency. Thanks to David and staff, the stress of relocating from one country to another was greatly reduced. Having now received residency, I look forward to working with David and staff on acquiring Canadian citizenship.


Eddy & Margaret – Netherlands Antilles

First and foremost, Eddy and I want to acknowledge the thoroughness and professionalism of the legal services we received when working with David and his team. We engaged an immigration lawyer from the onset, knowing there may be a lengthy process involved. We were right. Eddy and I had to work with the intricacies of dealing with The Netherlands Antilles (Aruba, Curacao), The Netherlands, and the high-standard requirements from Canada. David and his staff were knowledgeable, efficient, and patient throughout the whole process. Last but not least, David imparted reassurance and a confident friendly manner. If we may be so bold to say, David’s professionalism, confidence, sense of honour and humility stems from his genuine respect and appreciation of his role in the Canadian Immigration process and those he services. Thank you, David, for playing a big role in our journey.


Mitchell Krieger – United States

David Aujla and his staff were exemplary in guiding my wife and myself through the complex process of application for work permits and permanent residency status. Their expertise, combined with unfailing good cheer as we navigated the bureaucracy, made the experience, with all its inherent frustrations, bearable—and, of course, ultimately successful. We give David and his team our thanks.


Rebecca Johnson & Cohen Morosoff – United States

A big thank you to David for helping me in receiving my permanent residency. David made a very daunting and complex process seem very smooth and easy, ensuring me every step of the way. He was there to answer all of my questions throughout the whole process as well as always keeping me informed with the status of my file. My husband and I really enjoyed working with David and are so grateful for everything.


Lynne Severance and Domenic Abata – United States

Without reservation we would recommend David Aujla for help with our immigration to Canada! David provided excellent advice on the best immigration strategy for our family, given our circumstances. He and his staff meticulously reviewed the historical details of our application, making sure that there were no errors or inconsistencies that would delay processing, and he prepared very clear written instructions for us to follow at various points in the process.

As it turned out we had unpredictable twists and delays in our situation that required excellent knowledge of immigration law, quick thinking, and appropriate action. David provided all of these and patiently shepherded us through these hurdles to a successful outcome. He is professional, courteous, approachable, prompt at returning calls, responding to email, and answering questions. We so appreciated that he was straightforward and clear about fees at the beginning of the process, and there were no surprises. We wish to thank David and his very able staff. We truly believe that we would not have successfully immigrated to Canada without David’s help.


laina and Juston Kintner – United States

I wanted to express our gratitude to you and your office staff. As Juston and I had many questions and concerns over the application itself, your entire team was professional, informative and offered us continued support throughout the process. We truly appreciated your quick responses to our inquiries and your flexible schedule. Thank you very much for everything your office has done for us and we would absolutely recommend your services to others who are looking to become permanent residents of Canada.


R.N. and G.L.B. – United States

My spouse and I want to thank you for the excellent work you did in our behalf to obtain a permanent resident visa so that he can join me permanently in Canada. As a same-sex couple, we never imagined that it would all go so incredibly smoothly, quickly, and painlessly, and we attribute that to your professionalism and hard work in our behalf. Many, many thanks for helping us get there!


Shadi and Natalie Alfons – Egypt

Shadi and I would like to extend our thanks to David and his staff for their sustained assistance, tolerance and guidance throughout the permanent residence process. They were readily available to answer our many questions and provide guidance in the face of unforeseen challenges. David maintained his professionalism and consideration towards us as clients even in times of confusion and frustration. We deeply appreciate his commitment to our case and his willingness to help at every stage of the process. He and his staff are knowledgeable and capable partners for anyone seeking permanent residence or citizenship to Canada. Thank you to the office of David Aujla.


Marcus and Fabiola Mackay – Mexico

My wife is finally here! Thanks for all your help. I would recommend David to anyone going through the struggles, or not knowing what to do, when it comes to the complicated process of immigration. He and his assistants make it easier and less confusing. They are very pleasant and muy facil (“very easy” in Spanish) to deal with. He has lots of experience. Thanks again!


David and Michelle Lightle – United States

Thanks again for all your work, advice and professionalism with handling Michelle’s file. It has been five long years, I can remember our first phone conversation when you said it would take so much time and some work. I am glad that I never tried to do all this myself. Please feel free to use my name as a reference, if you ever need one from a client.


M. and R. – United States

We are now proud permanent residents of Canada, thanks to the professional guidance provided by David Aujla and his team. We found working together to be straightforward and thorough. David is extremely pleasant and easy to work with and his in-depth knowledge of the immigration policies and laws proved comforting through what would otherwise have been a daunting and stressful process. We highly recommend his services.


Mauricio Wissmann & David Smith – Brazil

Mauricio and I would like to thank you and your staff for making it a very pleasant experience work together in getting my partner here from Brazil. The complicated process of immigrating was made easy with your help. We recommend you to other people with a similar need. It was great knowing that we were getting help in the process, and it all happened in less than a year! Thank you for your excellent and professional service. Your communications were prompt and your correspondence detailed which made our process most efficient. We greatly appreciate what you have done! Cheers!


Peggy Deaner – United States

Michelle and I appreciate immensely the quick, professional responses you have had for our questions. After reading and hearing of many different stories about the immigration process, we were unsure what to expect. You and your staff have made what can be an anxiety-producing experience and made it as simple and quick as we could expect. Your clear instructions were most helpful. Thank you again for making this part of our journey as painless as possible.


Arun and Sharala Vadhavoora – India

Thank you for your excellent and professional service. Your communications were prompt and your correspondence detailed which made our process most efficient. We greatly appreciate what you have done!


E. and C. – United States

Working with David and his staff was a joy. The complicated process of immigrating was made easy with their help. We highly recommend David to anyone we encounter with a similar need. The peace of mind of knowing that everything was being done correctly was worth every penny! And it all happened in less than a year!


Rosa Sanchez – Dominican Republic

Everything went well with our interview and landing and now I feel more calm and stable with my son and with my situation here. Now I feel I can plan my future and my son’s in Canada. David, first of all I want to thank God for everything and then thank you in a very special way for everything you have done for us; from the beginning, when I came into your office I had a feeling of trust and I saw a professional person with integrity, but also I felt you had compassion that you did not take my case as only business; I believe you always trusted and wanted our victory. Thank you very much!


Rodney L. Ferguson – Bermuda

I would like to thank you for your efficient handling of my application. You made what I thought would be a difficult and complicated process a completely painless experience. The quality of services provided by your office far exceeded my expectations and as such I would be more than happy to provide a reference to any of your clients who are considering using your services in this regard. Again, please accept my sincere appreciation.


Miguel & Aleesha Alvarado – Mexico

Thank you so very much for all of your help and time as we could not have done it without you. We are now applying for a SIN card and are figuring out travel plans to go and visit Miguel’s family in Mexico. He has so much more freedom now which will allow him to truly enjoy his opportunities. Thank you again very much for all of your help. It is very comforting to know that you were there to help us and your being so easy to contact made the whole experience a lot less stressful.


Mary & Robert Haefling – United States

Moves can quickly become difficult situations; and crossing international borders in the process adds additional stress. Without the proper knowledge and expertise, immigration requirements, and the corresponding paperwork, quickly become daunting in their scope. Throughout the process of moving our family from the United States, David Aujla and his staff managed our immigration into Canada by providing step-by-step, detailed instructions with schedules and timelines, ensuring we met every requirement without issue. On our behalf, David took care of contacting the appropriate agencies, coordinating and overseeing the required paperwork and keeping us updated of our status throughout the immigration process. David Aujla and his staff were the consummate professionals – always available to thoroughly answer our questions, whether via email or by telephone; and with their guidance, our family enjoyed a seamless, error free move into British Columbia, Canada.


John Mcgoff – Scotland

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you very much for all your helpful advice in the past which has led to my Permanent resident status. It’s been a struggle and I am very happy to say it’s over! I can now focus on making the best of my life in Canada…the best country in the world! Thanks again David and I will be sure to recommend you to future prospects from Scotland!


Jessica & Jonathon Mundia – Zambia

Jonathon and I want to thank you for all your help through the whole immigration process. You helped more than you know. Jonathon received his permanent resident status at the end of July and we had our Canadian wedding on August 21st. Thank you again!


Michael Watson – Australia

My family moved to Canada from Australia in 2004. Eventually, I decided to make the move too, but Canada’s age criteria made my application for permanent residency more complicated. Having used David Aujla for their successful permanent residency application, my parents quickly organized David and his team for mine. Being over the age limit makes the task very daunting. The information required is substantial and highly detailed. I could never have done this without David’s involvement. I would have given up at the first step. David knows exactly what is required and is definitely on top of his game. He will make you work hard to over satisfy the requirements of Immigration to ensure you have a successful outcome. I felt comfortable and at ease knowing that David and his team were working for me. What they say will happen, does happen since they know the ins and outs. I cannot recommend David and his team more strongly. Thank you so much for your hard work and for making this process as easy as it can be!


Stefano Gulmenalli & Arianna Dagnino – Italy

It was 2007. We undertook a long business trip throughout Canada that ended up in Vancouver. After few days there we decided this was the city where we wanted to live. We started looking for an Immigration lawyer and, mainly by chance, we found David. After the preliminary conversation we had with him, we felt he was the right person to rely upon to obtain permanent resident visas. David’s own “migrant” background and his sympathetic attitude towards this peculiar condition were two aspects we valued with particular favour. With great professional attitude, but nevertheless with warmth and empathy, he supported us along the exhausting endeavour of collecting the needed documentation and doing the right things at the right time. We never felt “abandoned” – as it can easily happen when the process ends up stretching for more than three years! We always knew – in every single moment – at which stage of the process we were and what we had to expect next. Now we are Canadian permanent residents and, maybe, one day we will even become Canadian citizens. Thanks to you, David!


Stephanie Schipper & Jonathan Bowler – United Kingdom

David Aujla is amazing at what he does; he made us feel calm and took the time to answer all of our many questions. When we first came to him, we felt lost and thought there would be no end to the immigration process. David explained clearly to us what was happening, gave us a plan of action, and followed us through the plan. We could not be happier with his services, the staff at his office, and how everything has come together. I highly recommend using David’s services for anyone going through this stressful process.


Stuart Frampton – United Kingdom

David, thank you very much for all your assistance and expertise in successfully completing the immigration application of my elderly aunt from England. The original application I submitted on my own to sponsor her was promptly rejected, but you were able to identify an alternate strategy and build a very strong case for her application. In particular, I am especially grateful for how you interacted with my aunt during the entire process. Your compassion and positive demeanour put her at ease and gave her the confidence that we would eventually be successful. Last weekend we held her official ‘Welcome to Canada’ party with our extended family. Many smiles and hugs all around. Thanks again.


Tristan Rhodes – United States

With aplomb and efficiency David shepherded me through and submitted both the exhaustive landed immigrant application and less daunting citizenship application and immediately informed me of developments. I received my landed immigrant status eight months earlier than anticipated and my citizenship six months before expected. In every way David Aujla is an adept practitioner of his craft.


Nancy Rotolo – United States

Well, we did it! Through thick and thin and all the ups and downs of the past four years. Nancy, Graham and I could never adequately thank you for your help, assistance, advice, encouragement, caring and understanding. Thank you always for everything you and your staff did to help Nancy get her residency. More than once we’ve counted our lucky stars that we found you. Your unwavering belief that it could happen sustained Graham and me, in particular, more than once!


Mike, Gaby and Michelle Wilson – Mexico

It is with great joy and excitement that we write this letter to say a BIG THANK YOU!

From the first consultation with you (I was in your office and Gaby was in Mexico) to the day that you gave us the news that everything was approved, we have felt so comfortable with you and all the challenges we faced. Your vast knowledge in the immigration area has saved Gaby and me so many frustrations. I could not have imagined trying to complete this process on our own.

Every time we came into the office to see you, your staff was very warm and friendly and I think sometimes people forget about all the others who work with you to make everything go so smoothly!

We cannot express enough how pleased we are with your services. We will not have a problem recommending your services to anyone needing immigration advice. Thank You, gracias.


Kay Kidwell – United States

This note is to express my appreciation for your assistance in helping me to acquire permanent status. You have been diligent in following up on each phase of the completion and submission of the required paperwork and your knowledge of the expectations of the Immigration Service was invaluable in supplying the appropriate information. To anyone seeking immigration to Canada, I unhesitatingly recommend you and your very competent staff to them. Thank you for your competence and professional courtesy.


Anitra Phoungsuwan & Yeshua Moser – Thailand & USA

My wife and I arrived in Canada with personal acquaintance of non-immigration lawyers who lived in Victoria. When we asked them for a recommendation for a lawyer who specialized in immigration law, they recommended David Aujla. Our case was complicated and not straightforward. David applied his deep knowledge of the immigration system and advised us on all our options along with his recommendations. We had disappointments. Immigration laws change disconcertingly often, but David swiftly assessed changes in our interest and recommended changes to our applications based on new law which ultimately led to our successful Permanent Residents status. Could you do it on your own? Maybe. One friend who tried to do so is now sadly back in her home country after years of trying to move her own application in the system. Whichever way you chose, be prepared for an expensive and tedious process. Employing David will give you the benefit of his intimate knowledge of the system and service which you can trust with absolute confidence. You will also discover that David has a warm personality and a sly sense of humour which always made us look forward to our visits to his office. On this website you will find many testimonials from people who have been well satisfied with the work of David and his team. We can fully confirm and endorse their praise by our own experience.


Terry and Barbara Doucet – United States

It is hard for me to put into words what David and his staff have done for me. I know my process may probably have been one of the most difficult ones he has done. We had many ups and downs, but I have to say that without David and his staff, I probably would not be where I am today. I am now a legally-landed immigrant!!!

For anyone reading this, let me tell you, if you are thinking of going it alone without the help of an immigration lawyer– STOP!!! Without David, my husband and I would have had great difficulty in getting through all the legal paperwork. And David never once pressured us for money. I don’t think that is his goal in helping people immigrate to Canada. Yes, you have to pay, and, yes, it was worth every penny!!!

David and his staff were a Godsend to us and we would gladly tell anyone immigrating to Canada to go to him.


Touria and Jarrett Teague – Morocco (from United Arab Emirates)

I met my wife in Dubai where she had an extended work visa. Two months before our marriage, I had attended David Aujla’s office for an initial consultation where he clearly explained the process, the requirements, costs and the typical timeline in obtaining permanent residency. True to the plan, everything unfolded as expected. Data was gathered, accurately prepared and presented to the Embassy. All correspondence was clear, and David’s office responded right-away in answering all questions and preparing presentations for our approval. Additionally, David ensured complete follow-through. I totally recommend David Aujla. Thank you!


Elyane and Wayne Arnold – Mexico

I want to thank you and your staff for all your help during the process of becoming a Canadian resident. All I can say is that you did a great job and accomplished all that you had promised me. You are a man of your word. In the beginning, you had said that it would take at least nine months to hear from the Canadian Embassy, and to my surprise it was sooner.

Since our first meeting I felt confident and every time I phoned you for advice, your staff was always friendly, helpful and we got your responses immediately. For all your patience, thanks.

Wayne and I have already told some friends who need help with their immigration status to contact you because they will get the best immigration lawyer in Canada! It sure was a pleasure for me and Wayne to deal with you and we will always be grateful.


James Bridges & Michael St. Clair – United States

We are pleased and honoured to write a testimonial for S. David Aujla, Canadian Immigration Lawyer in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

After realizing that a permanent move to Canada would support the quality of life issues that were important to us, we set out to find the best and most comprehensive immigration lawyer that would see us through the entire process. Our diligence to this end led us to David Aujla and the journey was definitely worth the climb. David’s attention to detail, his support and encouragement, and his knowledge base were essential to our success in achieving permanent Canadian residency. He was there at every step of the way and his attention to detail was without question.

From David we learned that there isn’t just one path to permanent Canadian residency. At our initial appointment he explained options that were available and the path each would take. As we were planning on leaving the United States for Canada, he methodically outlined that process for us, the costs involved, the timeframes and the patience required for a successful outcome. We have now lived in Canada for over five years and feel that immigrating here was, without question, one of the best life decisions we have ever made. We are very happy. For this reason we will always be grateful to David Aujla for his professional and quality diligence on our behalf.


Hazel Boyd – France

Three years ago we sought your advice about applying for permanent residency in Canada; we had a telephone consultation with you from our home in France. I thought you might like to know that our application was successful and we had to submit no further information; we just had to be patient! The process took three years almost to the day. Thank you for your advice all that time ago and we have recommended you to others in our position.


Roger Ingram and Richard Rombach – United States

Could we have gained work permits without David’s assistance and advice? Possibly yes, but it was well worth our decision to ask for David’s professional help: the time saved, the clarity of advice, the ease of knowing the right approach within the legal system. David Aujla is a superb immigration lawyer but more, he cares about clients and their desires to work, live, and reside in Canada. We knew we made the right decision as soon as we met him, as well as each time along the way. Thank you, David.


Barbara and T.J. Schouten – Netherlands

We wanted to send a note of thanks to you and your staff for all your assistance with obtaining permanent residence status for T.J. The guidance and support that your office gave us and your high level of professionalism exceeded our expectations. We will recommend your law office without reservation to anyone in need of immigration services. T.J. is now a permanent resident of Canada and we could not be more satisfied with that result. Thanks again.


Christine Pauli – Switzerland

Thank you very much for your professionalism and experience. The entire process left me with a feeling of comfort and safety and I would highly recommend you to any person desiring to immigrate to Canada. Every e-mail, phone call and question was answered immediately and done in a way to help me understand the process. After applying for a work visa myself, prior to knowing about your services, I can truly understand the need for the professional service that you have provided. In the future I will apply for citizenship and know that I will follow the guidelines you suggest; in return I am sure that peace of mind is what I will receive.


Linda and Lee Rowland – United Kingdom

Lee and I would like to thank you so much for all your hard work in helping us to obtain our permanent residence. We know that it could not have happened without you. What was probably the most stressful situation to deal with was made so much easier with all your time, patience and positive attitude. We will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer. Thank you!


Yori and Ann marie Ikoma – United States

We have been extremely pleased with David Aujla as our immigration attorney and his staff. Their personal attention to details made the process easy for us to understand and they guided us all the way through, step by step. His staff were all excellent communicators, always prompt and a joy to work with. We felt supported all the way through the process, and Mr. Aujla stood by us when we needed it. The application for immigration process can be nerve wracking with so many unknowns, but Mr. Aujla made it as simple and easy for us as possible. We feel lucky to have found him. Today we are very happy to be Permanent Residents. Thank you Mr. Aujla!


Katerina Zamyatina – Russia

I am very grateful to David Aujla and his professional staff for helping me with obtaining my Canadian residency. Our correspondence was mainly done via e-mail and telephone, and they were always diligent in addressing my questions and getting back to me promptly. Detail oriented and very well organized, this team has made the overall process less stressful, and most importantly, has helped me to achieve my objective of immigrating to Canada.


James Spottiswoode and Constance Meyer – United States

David Aujla and his staff have provided us with exemplary assistance in our process of obtaining landed immigrant status. They have been highly professional in all aspects of navigating us through this complex process. Additionally, they have always been unfailingly courteous, efficient and responsive to all our phone calls and email requests for information and advice. We unreservedly recommend their services to other applicants.


Kateryna Milay – Ukraine

I greatly appreciate all the work David Aujla did to help me obtain my permanent residence in Canada. Before meeting Mr. Aujla, I had couple of meetings with other lawyers that left me feeling not confident and doubtful about their services. Since my first meeting with David Aujla I knew that I was dealing with a person who is highly professional in what he does. He knew all the answers to my questions and right away offered different ways to deal with my immigration. Sometimes, I did not even have to finish explaining my concern to David as he already knew how to address it. Not only does Mr. Aujla perform his work brilliantly, but he also does it on a personal level showing that he cares.


Paul and Eileen – United States

The Government of Canada is very direct in pointing out that you do not need to use a legal representative in your quest for permanent residence. In our opinion, and in our experience, you would be very foolish to tackle this task on your own. Every case has its own different twists and turns, but you need a lawyer who is intimately in tune with the written rules—and the unwritten nuances—of immigration. We have had delays, lost files and misinterpretation of their own rules by the government. David Aujla is continually ahead of the game making sure that you are ready for the next stage before the government asks for it. Our experience has been friendly, professional and, most importantly, successful. That is what you want as well. We could not recommend David and his friendly staff more highly.


Dr. David B. Hawley – Director, Pearson College of the Pacific

Pearson College, with students from over one hundred countries, is Canada’s most diverse college or university of any size. The majority of these students, as well as many of the faculty, require highly specialized immigration support. On a regular basis, the College has to engage with the Canadian immigration authorities around the world on behalf of its faculty and students. For several years, the College has turned to David Aujla for his expertise and knowledge to maneuver through the intricate rules and regulations relevant to work and study permits. In our numerous consultations, we have always found David’s counsel to be prompt, accurate and highly valuable. We have no hesitation in recommending David to any other institution seeking Canadian immigration advice and guidance. You will be well served.


Eric Metson – United States

My wife, Kristin, and I would like to extend to you our heartfelt thanks for helping us obtain a Canadian immigrant visa for Kristin in far less time than we would have thought possible.

We feel that the success of this venture was due to the number of important ways that you approached the application process… in explanation, in providing comprehensive, clear and detailed instructions and in performing a very thorough review of all materials to eliminate errors and inconsistencies. Throughout the process, you kept us fully informed and always responded promptly and clearly to all of our questions.

Kristin’s visa arrived in just 8 months and she did not require an interview with Canadian immigration officials. It is clear that the secret to navigating successfully the complex immigration process is experienced counsel. We will highly recommend you to any and all who may require Canadian immigration services in the future.

Again many thanks for your help in acquiring Kristin’s visa and allowing us to make an early move back to Canada.


Ethan Wang – China

David Aujla and his staff have been a tremendous help in my immigration case. Before I chose a lawyer for my Provincial Nominee Program application, I had interviewed a number of lawyers in BC as well as in other provinces. Only Mr. Aujla provided to me the excellent knowledge and confidence I was seeking. I am glad that I made the right decision. From beginning to end, I received the advice I needed and the assistance was always immediate. I could not imagine my case being accomplished more easily than it was. Once again, if ever I needed help for immigration, I would not hesitate for a moment in choosing Mr. Aujla.


Diana Johnson – United States

I would like to wholeheartedly thank David Aujla and his staff for the efficient and stress-free transition to becoming a permanent resident. What seemed insurmountably complicated to me was made easy and smooth with David’s dedication and confidence. I would highly recommend David Aujla, Immigration Lawyer, to anyone who seeks this type of good service!


Richard & Carol Peacock – United States

Hoping to live in Canada for my wife Carol and myself was both exciting and daunting. Immigration to any country can be harrowing, filled with complex paperwork, compiling one’s past and present personal data, and unexpected bureaucratic pitfalls.

When we arrived in the office of immigration lawyer S. David Aujla in Victoria our apprehensions were quickly put to rest. A very complicated process became incredibly smooth. David’s wealth of experience in the field was immediately evident as he quietly guided us through the necessary steps that would eventually and successfully bring us the status of “Permanent Residency” in Canada.

David Aujla is everything one wants in a counselor. He answered our questions clearly and patiently; he forecast to the upcoming time frames of the process with uncanny accuracy. He instilled confidence every step of the way, both in personal office conferences and his ready response to written inquiries. The stack of paperwork that can come with such legal situations was simplified by the calm efficiency of his office staff.

During the inevitable wait-period, having our immigration case in David Aujla’s hands made the time free of any tension, no small thing for a couple in the midst of changing the landscape of their lives.

David, thanks for all your invaluable help in getting us to what we became today – Permanent Residents in our new country, Canada.


Josiane Bonneau – France

Sandy and I would like to thank you very much for your help, experience and guidance in the process of achieving my permanent residency status. It simplified things greatly to have you lead us through the process and we would recommend you without any hesitation to anyone in search of a competent immigration lawyer. Much appreciated!


Michael Schindler – Austria

David, I want to thank you wholeheartedly for guiding me so efficiently and courteously on my journey to obtain permanent residency in Canada. How happy I was when I officially immigrated into Canada last week! You guided me step by step through the whole process, told me what to do when and what I could expect. Everything unfolded as you had predicted and you gave very detailed and easy to understand reports on the progress of my application. Whenever I had a question on the phone or wanted to meet with you, you were always available for me. I really felt I was treated like a king. I was completely impressed in the professional way in which the application for permanent residency was made. I could not have done it this way on my own. Thank you so much for all your hard work and for making smooth the path that seemed so complicated at the beginning!


Julie Sorrell – United States

David Aujla and his staff were of tremendous help in our successful application for permanent residency. Their efforts were thorough. Undoubtedly, the results could have been quite different without their able assistance and concern. David and staff were always available and quick to respond to the most minute query. We appreciate their efforts and recommend them without hesitation!


Nilesh Prasad – Fiji

My family and I are truly grateful to David and his wonderful staff for the great work that they do. I know that without their help I would have never been able to get my Permanent Residency as quickly as I did. Their quick feedback and response to our questions and concerns were priceless as they did alleviate our fears. Our biggest concerns were the paperwork and with the help of David and his staff we were able to get it finished and the rest was taken care of in a very timely manner. I would recommend Mr. David Aujla to anyone seeking help with respect to Canadian Immigration or citizenship-related issues.


Melem and Jae Kwon – Korea

The stress of sponsoring my husband to Canada and getting his immigration papers in order was greatly reduced by David Aujla and his staff. Our biggest concern was to get all the paperwork filed correctly and efficiently within our limited time frame. Mr. Aujla’s expertise and professionalism put us at ease and gave us the confidence that we would be able to receive my husband’s visa without any difficulties.


Sandra Fotos – Japan

Throughout the process of preparing the great number of documents necessary to apply for Canadian permanent residence, David and his staff were of tremendous help, were always available to answer questions promptly and with great courtesy and professionalism, and were able to sort out a number of complications easily and quickly. I received my permanent residency in less time than expected and I am very, very grateful to David for his extremely competent handling of my application, and his polite and gentlemanly manner. Thanks so much, David. You’re an outstanding immigration lawyer!


M. & C. Valentine – France

My wife and I found David Aujla purely by chance while searching for Canadian immigration advice. It turned out to be an extremely fortunate turn of events.

I initially spoke to David by phone, and in the time it took to briefly describe our backgrounds, David had a workable idea of how we should set about making our application. It was his clear, calm outlook on what can be a very complex procedure that most impressed us. Even though we had a far from straightforward employment history, his systematic and very thorough approach made everything fit together perfectly.

Above all else, David stayed focused on our ultimate goal, despite our own frustration and impatience with the immigration system. The right way to take on the immigration process is to get help from David Aujla, relax and try to think of something else for a while!

A big thank you to David and all his staff for our newly arrived PR visas.


Susan and Alan Kendal – United States

We want to thank you for the knowledgeable, courteous and efficient advice and services you provided as we navigated the process of applying to become immigrants to Canada.

From the outset we were impressed by the rational and clear way you analyzed our situation. You calmly and methodically recommended a course of action, and continually mentored and directed us. You handled all communications with the Canadian authorities promptly, and fully informed us of progress. At each step you made sure we had advance notice of the needs to obtain updated reports to prevent possible delays in the application process.

Clearly you have great experience of the immigration system; your warm and calm personality certainly helped reduce our stress. We are delighted with our decision to employ your services on our behalf, and always felt a personal commitment from you that we would succeed.

You were a great asset to us, and we would highly recommend you to others without hesitation.


Gian & Robin Polastri – United States

We want to express our gratitude to David Aujla and his staff for taking such good care of us throughout the long and complicated process of obtaining permanent residency. David patiently explained the details and answered all of our questions along the way, step by step what we needed to do and what we could expect. Throughout, David was always very responsive and everything unfolded just as he predicted. Given the length of the process, the sheer number of documents involved, as well as the many reminders and follow-ups that were required, David’s fees were quite reasonable. More importantly, David’s patient demeanor, utmost professionalism and integrity, and extensive experience gave us the confidence that we were in good hands. David even assisted us when considering various payment options available for making the investments required under the Immigrant Investor Program. Now that we have finally obtained our residency visa and are landed immigrants, we would like to ext end our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for everything that David has done for us, and would strongly recommend him to anyone considering immigrating to Canada.


Tom Trott – United States

As a practising lawyer in the United States for thirty years, I have had the occasion to meet and work with numerous lawyers. However, I have never worked with a lawyer who is more professional and responsive than David Aujla. He has been great to work with and his fees are very reasonable. My immigration process into Canada has been considerably easier thanks to the legal and personal advice I have received from Mr. Aujla. He is a quality immigration lawyer.


Christopher Phillips – Cayman Islands

Now that our family have officially attained Landed Immigrant status. we would like to extend our deepest thanks for your guidance throughout the process. As you know, our family’s application was quite complex and your step-by-step instructions, reminders and flawless document gathering were critical to our application being accepted and ultimately approved. Our application took 19 months from filing, one month under your original estimate, and we couldn’t be more delighted.

Further, as we qualified under the Provincial Investor Program, your advice on payment options proved invaluable and your referrals provided us with prompt answers, which ultimately led to our choice of investment method. Here again, your professionalism and integrity saved us thousands of dollars and we thank you for extending this level of courtesy to our family.

Whenever friends ask about the difficulties associated with settling in Canada under the new rules and guidelines we often praise your role in securing our residency and we will continue to do so. We thank you sincerely for a service above and beyond our wildest expectations.


James & Nancy Cooper – United States

David Aujla is a consummate professional and quintessential gentleman. His tireless efforts to facilitate our immigration and permanent residency into Canada along with his personal attention, positive attitude and tenacity led us through a process that concluded successfully. There were disappointments and roadblocks during this application process; however, Mr. Aujla guided us through those difficult times with purpose of mind, skill and friendship. We are convinced that without his assistance we would not be Canadian residents today. We are eternally grateful for Mr. Aujla’s dedication to our cause, and recommend him unconditionally and without reservation.


J and K – United States

We want to recommend David Aujla to all same-sex couples who are considering making the move to Canada – no matter if it is family or skilled worker immigration. As a same-sex couple, we always felt comfortable working with David and his staff. He deftly guided us through a process that can be difficult and complicated at times. David and his staff were always professional and attentive and always responded quickly to ANY question we threw at them. We are so happy and grateful that we made a successful move to Canada and we could not have done it without him and his team.


Dixon Nuber and Douglas Gradecki – United States

David Aujla has been a fantastic lawyer/expert/advocate throughout a sometimes long process of applying for, and being granted, permanent resident status. He kept us informed at every step of the process and also did a great job of encouraging us to not lose hope when it seemed like things were taking too long. His depth of knowledge and his professionalism are just two of his many qualities. We highly recommend David.


Don Paul and Mitsuru Otomo – United States

We just wanted to thank you so much for your assistance in our immigration to Canada. We have experienced the ease of working with you because of your organization, professionalism and efficiency in implementing the process. Beyond that, your personal support through the process made it so much easier. You stepped us through everything very clearly and put our minds at ease. Thank you so much for everything!


Wendy and Raymond Mitchell – United States

We would like to add to the many wonderful testimonials to David’s professionalism by thanking him for his introduction to the Canadian spirit of generosity and for his unparalleled demonstration of integrity. We learned about David’s commitment to excellence when a friend, who had similarly applied for permanent residence status, told us about his invaluable role in her success. An initial telephone consultation with him then convinced us that his services would be well worth the investment. It’s a long process when you’re over sixty and have to document your entire life since age eighteen, but David’s responsive encouragement and accessible expertise kept us confident and on track. When we did experience the inevitable frustrations with bureaucracy, he quickly helped us turn them back into realistic and positive expectations. We hope our comments will direct you to engage the services of this very competent and caring gentleman.


V. and A. – Mexico

We are so grateful to David and his team for all of their hard work and support. After three and a half years of waiting and being put through chaos, we finally received the good news of my husband’s permanent resident status. We could not imagine going through this process without an immigration lawyer — there were so many curveballs thrown our way and David’s team answered every one of our questions (anytime) and helped to ease the stress by dealing with those issues head on. We highly recommend David to anyone going through this process. It is just not worth the stress on your own. They are very professional, supportive and they get the results. Thank you for everything!


Graham and Grace – People’s Republic of China

I would just like to say how pleased we were with your advice, your help, and your presentation of our application to Immigration Canada. You were always very accurate in predicting the timing of each stage and in your estimation of the costs. You were easily accessible for questions whether in person and via e-mails and your remarks were positive and encouraging. You bring the word ‘gentleman’ very much to our mind. Thank you once again, David. We do not hesitate to recommend you!


Bob Yaghmaie – United States

I truly appreciate the highly professional services that you and your skilled staff have continuously provided to me and my family. This has led to a successful application process for our Canadian Permanent Residency in the shortest possible time as you had estimated. We are very grateful to your colleague, who referred us to you and hope we can do the same for another lucky client that is in search of a high-calibre Canadian immigration specialist. The prompt, timely, accurate, and supportive services that we received from you coupled with your vast knowledge and insight in this field has developed tremendous respect and trust by us towards you. Thank you again for everything, David.


Richard Anderson and Alison Date – United States

Alison and I received our permanent residence visas today and we wanted to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for all that you have done to make our immigration to Canada possible. Your expert knowledge, dedication and professionalism truly made our experience a joyful and “relaxing” one. When problems arose (as I am sure they always do when dealing with large government bureaus) your experience and calm demeanor helped us weather these bumps in road. So again, thank you for all that you’ve done. We are now learning the words to O Canada in preparation for our first hockey game in this country!


J. & C. – United Kingdom

We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to David for the most professional manner in which he dealt with our application for permanent residence. We were very impressed at the speed and efficient manner he and his staff dealt with our application. We were not able to complete our arrival in Canada due to an accident which prohibited flying and despite our time scale being compromised David was able to reset the wheels in motion and now, seven months later, we have taken up residence in Canada. Thank you, David, for your patience and we will put your name forward at every opportunity as you are the only Immigration lawyer to use.


Shawn Ireland – United Kingdom

When I first reviewed the requirements to secure permanent residence in Canada, the task seems daunting and overwhelming. On the recommendation of a good friend who had worked for many years with the immigration service, I made contact with David. His quiet demeanour, seriousness of purpose and professionalism was reassuring. He made each step in the process easy to understand by fully addressing any concerns or problems in a timely and comprehensive manner. I felt in good hands at each step in the process! Indeed, the quality of his work secured my permanent residence in just fourteen months! Thank you David!


Jeremy Thain – Scotland

With the help and guidance of David Aujla and his professional team, I successfully achieved permanent residence status in Canada under the Provincial Nominee Program. David and his team were very helpful throughout the entire application process and I have no doubt that they played an integral part in its successful outcome. I would have no hesitation in recommending David Aujla to any skilled worker interested in applying for permanent residency in Canada. Thanks David !


Phil Beymer – United States

To help us apply for immigration to Canada from the United States, my wife and I sought out an immigration attorney. We called David and his receptionist booked a telephone conference immediately. He had a way of projecting warmth and confidence from the very beginning. David and his office were thorough, professional, available and reassuring from beginning to end. We feel justified in having sought professional help and were very fortunate in picking David.


Peter de Vaux – United States

When my wife and I began planning our move to Canada, we were referred to David Aujla an excellent immigration lawyer. Now that we have been successfully granted permanent residence, we can add our enthusiastic endorsement as well. The Canadian immigration process is a long and complex one, but with David’s and his staff’s attentive help and guidance, ours went off without any missteps or problems whatsoever.


David Gates – United States

I wholeheartedly recommend David Aujla as an Immigration Lawyer who is able to move you efficiently through all the processes that are required by Canadian Immigration. He and his staff were attentive, prompt, and very cordial every step of the way. They are most professional, and utilize mail, courier, fax, and e-mail to take the burden from your shoulders. Thank you, David!


Rosalie and Robert – Australia

We are ecstatic about getting Bob’s residency and can finally rejoice!! We would like to both take this opportunity to thank you for your services in the immigration process and for your help on the issues as they arose. You are so easy to understand and so complete with everything you do and did for us, David. You were always prompt in your replies to help clear up my many questions. Thank you so very much!


Beth McDermott – United States

David Aujla made of our dreams of relocating to Canada as permanent residents a reality. He was there for us from our very first visit. He thoroughly explained the application process, as well as our odds of being approved. He continued to assist us with every step forward from there on. David defines professionalism; he’s prompt and thorough, and he is incredibly well-informed on the changing laws regarding immigration. We could not have asked for more from David and his associates. We are truly grateful to each of them!


Alan & Adrienne Linder – United States

In 2004, we met with David Aujla to discuss our options on becoming permanent residents of Canada after purchasing our home in British Columbia. Mr. Aujla discussed the different options available to us and we decided the Federal Investor program to be the best one. With David’s guidance and advice, the application was submitted and we expected at least a 2 year wait. The end result was we were granted permanent residence after 16 months. I feel the whole process was not only successful, but also expeditious because of the ongoing work and follow up by David and his staff. I cannot say enough of the professionalism and guidance offered by David in this process and I have personally recommended him to friends who are also looking to become a permanent residents of Canada. I highly recommend the professional services of Mr. Aujla for Canadian immigration.


Jeff Payton – United States

Words cannot express our appreciation for the work you did on our behalf to acquire Canadian permanent resident status. You expertly guided us through the complex process making sure everything was done properly and according to what was expected by Immigration Canada. Without your assistance it would have taken longer, and been more costly both in time and effort. We have and will continue recommending your services. Anyone who is serious about making Canada their home would be well advised to first consult you. You have been more than an immigration attorney … you have been a friend, as well, helping and welcoming us to a new life in the best place on earth, Canada. Thank you for guiding the way home!


Roger Matcham – United Kingdom

I am taking the opportunity to write a letter of thanks and appreciation to you and your staff for the effort to successfully obtain Canadian Permanent Residency status for all of my family. The care, understanding and diligence shown by you and your team is worthy of the highest praise. I will have no hesitation in recommending S. David Aujla to anyone seeking professional immigration help and I will be happy for you to use our case as a testimonial example. Many thanks again for your guidance, time and support, and for skilfully managing this project through to a successful outcome.


Steve DuPreez – South Africa

Rita and I wish to thank you for the professional and friendly manner in which you have dealt with our Canadian permanent residence application. You and your staff handled our application confidentially and very personally and we always felt that the details of our application were in good hands. Thank you for a job well done!


Judith Sears and Peter Whyte – United States

My husband Peter and I are thrilled that our quest for permanent residency has been successfully completed. The day you notified us with the good news will be for us an annual celebration. Thank you for the excellent service you provided to us over the last two years.

It was not an easy venture for us what with the complexities of immigration rules, regulations and procedures. As we think back on the last couple of years, it is clear that for anyone considering the quest for Canadian residency and citizenship, engaging the services of a specialist in immigration law is imperative.

Your understanding of our concerns and helping us deal with the uncertainties and confusions that arose helped us get through what would have been some discouraging times. In addition, we especially appreciate your frankness in assessing our chances of immigration; it gave us the confidence to proceed with our plans. Most importantly, you made us “stay the course” and do exactly what immigration wanted, no short cuts, where we would have been tempted to skip some of the requested documents or tasks because they seemed frivolous. As one applying for immigration soon realizes connecting with a live person for help is futile with you we felt like we were connected with someone. We never met you or your staff yet we felt like we did.

We will be pleased to recommend you in the future to anyone contemplating or planning a move to Canada.


Barbara Chaffe – United States

My husband and I have only the highest praise and recommendation for David Aujla and his office. We had a completely positive and stress-free experience. Everything went smoothly and progressed in a timely manner. David always got back to us quickly with answers and advice whenever we called. He was extremely helpful, professional, and calm, which was greatly appreciated during the somewhat chaotic, hectic and anxious months before our move.


Jeff and Vivienne Scott – United Kingdom

Our journey through the jungle of immigration regulations and paperwork requirements was made as smooth and painless as could be possible, due to the calm, tireless advice and professional knowledge granted to us by David Aujla and his staff. Our landed status came through several months of our anticipated date. With our grateful thanks and relief. To anyone looking for an immigration lawyer — don’t go anywhere else!


Peter and Linda Schorle – France

We were very impressed and extremely happy with the way you and your staff handled our immigration application. We have rarely experienced such a professional approach and immediate response to all our problems and questions. All obstacles and difficulties had been cleared without losing any time. Therefore now having come to the final stage and the immigration visas in our passports, we and our children would like to thank you very much and can only recommend you highly as the VIP of immigration services !


Bianca Filser and Susan Forrest – Germany

We were thrilled and relieved at the same time when we got word from David that the papers of ‘Confirmation of Permanent Residence’ were ready to be picked up. We would like to say THANK YOU to David Aujla and his staff for all their help from beginning to end. Having someone to walk you through this (sometimes difficult) process step by step, was very helpful and we are so glad to not have done it on our own! We were always informed about the status of our application. It was very much appreciated to be kept up to date and knowing what was happening. It was a pleasure working with David and his staff and I have already recommended him to prospective future Canadians. Thank you, David. You made it so easy for us !!”


Sandy Pewarchuk – South Africa

I have been wanting to write you a note, but I have had trouble putting into words all that you represented for me in the process of getting my mother permanent residency here in Canada. I know that one could have gone it alone, but for me, just knowing that you were there with me all of the way was extremely reassuring. This long journey was made bearable by your compassion and kindness throughout the five years. Your immense knowledge and your efficiency in keeping on top of matters was greatly appreciated. I am full of gratitude for what you did for us, and I am sure you do the same for many other families. ‘Thank you’ is not adequate for the way I feel.


J – United States

From our initial consultation with David we have received nothing but helpful and courteous service. Had we proceeded on our own, we would have made the huge mistake of applying separately. David quickly pointed out that we qualified as common-law partners and should file a single skilled worker application. Being a same sex couple with different citizenship we’ve become accustomed to our situation outside the norm. David and his staff always made us feel like our application just part of the routine. I have to tell you how incredible that is! In addition to recommending you based on your competence and experience, the reassurance and peace of mind I gained was priceless. The reassurance that you and your staff had determined our application was complete and well documented before submission kept us from constantly second guessing. It was a long process and the time intervals between correspondence with the Consulate seemed like forever! When Buffalo’s processing got backed up and I was sure our application had been lost, David’s staff was able to provide updates and reassure me everything was OK based on other applications they were tracking. I know I would have been panicking without their help and experience. Once again thank you, David, and your staff. It has been a wonderful experience!


Henry Walsh – Singapore

The documentation required by the Canadian immigration authorities was very extensive, but Mr. Aujla and his staff, with their detailed knowledge of the process, helped us at every step along the way. They were endlessly patient throughout. We appreciated having such a team with us. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Aujla and his staff to anyone wishing to immigrate to Canada.


Amy and Leonard Cohen – United States

We wanted to write to thank you for your help in this long and arduous process of achieving permanent resident status in Canada. Throughout almost 3 years you and your staff have been consistently available offering pertinent and cogent information with patience and good humor. We really appreciated your support and interventions all during this period when we were very concerned that our immigration plans would not be successful.

In the beginning we and others with whom we spoke were skeptical about using a lawyer for this process, given that we are educated, intelligent people. Now that we have gone through it, we would say that it is almost imperative to do so, and that your professionalism and steadfastness and help were what made it possible to succeed.

We would unreservedly recommend you to any and all who are planning to immigrate to Canada.


Whitney Laughlin, Ed.D. – United States

David Aujla was everything you would want in an immigration attorney: thorough, honest, communicative, knowledgeable and very helpful and supportive. He and his staff were always available to answer my questions in a timely fashion. I know there are people who say one can do this on your own, but, upon closer inquiry, I have found that they typically have experienced numerous delays because of filing the wrong documents, or not in the correct order, or improperly, etc. I got my permanent residency in a year and a half (despite the fact that I am over 50 and am a sole proprietor – self-employed consultant) and I know it went so well because of David’s help. I have recommended him to over two dozen “future Canadians” from the U.S.


Francine Schnabel-Belanger – United States

David, we want to thank you and your staff for producing the results as promised. As you know, we came to Canada thinking we could quite easily follow the instructions published on the web site by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Boy, are we glad we did not, but rather… engaged your firm. From the first interview by phone to the last meeting, assuring the correct sized photographs, it was just an incredible process which you handled the sometimes, daunting task. If there was a challenge, there was always someone in your office to remove it, no matter how big or insurmountable it may have been at the time. What a pleasant two year experience! Thank you very much.


Jim Gauer – United States

Two years ago the prospect of permanent residency in Canada seemed like a very distant and not necessarily feasible goal. Yesterday, largely as a result of your diligence and skill, our Permanent Resident Cards arrived.

We scarcely know where to begin to thank you for the splendid job you’ve done guiding us through the labyrinth of Canadian Immigration. We cannot imagine having done it without your expertise and professionalism and, most of all, your thoughtfulness and kindness. You consistently offered encouragement without false hope, never promising more than you could deliver. But in the end you delivered all that we could have asked.


M. Ossei – United States

David Aujla has been a tremendous help in securing my permanent residence and the most striking thing was his availability. David would always speak with me personally or call me back immediately.

With my previous counsel, I was always in the dark. After David retrieved my files from Immigration Canada, he was able to identify and correct crucial items that would have been detrimental to my successful immigration to Canada. I wish I had gone to him in the first place to avoid all unnecessary hardships I incurred with previous counsel. David takes his time to review all of the information and if you follow his advice, you will certainly increase your chance of successful immigration to Canada, regardless of the complexities of your case.


Dr. William B. Rumford – United States

Maggie and I want to thank you for your assistance in our effort to obtain residency in Canada. Your professionalism has resulted in our realizing a dream to live in beautiful British Columbia. Your knowledge of the immigration process, prompt answers to our questions, and your informed staff made our move effortless. Most importantly, as Americans, we felt a warm welcome from the very beginning of our association. Thank you very much!


Alicia Fowler – United States

David, I just wanted to drop you a line and say how much I have enjoyed working with you and your staff. I appreciate your integrity and the professional way in which you have handled my immigration process. I have appreciated your quick response to the inquiries that I have made along the way. Although the process took longer than expected, you continually followed up to determine the reasons. The immigration process is a very involved process as I certainly appreciated your guidance, your knowledge, your patience and your determination to keep things moving through he bureaucratic process. Once again, thank you.


Jadra Dilberovic – Croatia

This is a letter of appreciation regarding recent immigration services provided by yourself. The application applied to my elderly Aunt who is Croatian. Due to her age, economic circumstances and inability to speak English, the application was pursued on a humanitarian basis. The process proved to be challenging, complicated and dependent upon strict timelines. You constantly displayed the expertise, patience, perseverance and sensitivity clearly required for such an application to be successful. David, thanks to your firm’s efforts, my Aunt’s application was approved and she now resides here in Canada as a permanent resident. This enhancement of her quality of life has had a positive impact on all of our family. Again, I thank you for this happy result form a difficult job well done.


C. Flores – Chile

Every step of this stressful process was managed not only professionally, but humanely. A lot of firms can provide professional service, but only a few can make you feel like a friend is taking care of you. David, thank you very much for your help.


Vince Prokop – Mexico

Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for the professional and reliable manner in which you and your support staff handled my wife’s permanent residence application. Initially, the process seemed overwhelming and intimidating. However, your office was highly recommended by a colleague and we were not disappointed. Your confidence and professionalism eased our concerns and propelled us easily and quickly through the immigration process. We especially appreciate that you were always available in person or by phone which speaks volumes in regards to the service your future clients may expect. I would also like to congratulate your support staff for professional and courteous consideration. Thank you for a job well done! I am happy to recommend your office to any future Canadians with immigration concerns.


Vickie Powell MacCoy – United States

When I decided to immigrate to Canada one of the most important and best choices I made was to request the expertise of David Aujla. I knew it was going to be a complicated and time-consuming undertaking, but I just wanted it to be painless and done right the first time. As it turned out, I was right– this process turned out exactly as I had hoped it would . It was a pleasure working with David and his team. After supplying the necessary information, all I basically had to do was sign on the dotted lines, That’s all! They were always there to answer any and all questions I had – and believe me, I had many. They took care of everything, were fast and very efficient and they did it with kindness and patience. I felt very comfortable working with them and highly recommend David Aujla and his staff to anyone.


Eduardo Montagut – Colombia

My ordeal with immigration lasted close to five years. During this time, I received counsel from several other lawyers who were not able to fully understand the complexity of my case and provide the concrete solution and advice to help me succeed. With David Aujla, from day one, you will know that he is serious about your case, and the possibilities for success. He was able to understand the complexity of my case and come up with a solution that was efficient and significantly more economical than other lawyers I have had to deal with. His professionalism and approach to my case was the best I could have wished for.


Ayuko Matsumoto – Japan

Because of the changes in the Immigration rules, Canada Immigration took much longer with my application than I anticipated. I had on many occasions thought of giving up, but with your constant encouragement, I stayed on. You gave me tremendous assistance in preparing for my Business interview that the questions I prepared for were exactly the ones the officers asked me. Once again, many thanks to you and your team.


Ela Karahasanoglu and Tolga Guler – Turkey

It is great to have a knowledgeable and capable lawyer!!! The process is one in which the lawyer must watch out for the interest of the client. We must say David Aujla has done much more than that. Our skilled worker applications were somewhat problematic and if it was not for David, we probably would have been rejected. Everything was being handled so smoothly and, every single time, we found more had been accomplished than we had expected. He has comforted us, kept us informed and fought for us when necessary. It was as if he was working only for us!!! You have changed our life, David, and we owe it to you. Thank you so much!


M. Rose – United States

Things have really come together for us, and a few days ago I received my permanent resident card!

This marks the end of a rather tedious process. David, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the tremendous help that you have been to me in navigating the complex issues involved and in helping me to do all the right things at the right time. The checklist you presented to me earlier on was a godsend. Having all the correct agency names, addresses and phone numbers was, in itself, a major contribution. Without your expert guidance, I would surely have gone up many a blind alley, with having to back-track here and there. Because of your expertise and counsel, all of this went very smoothly!


Bernd Wilde – Germany

David agreed to take on my challenging immigration case after receiving 200 pages of extremely complicated files from a previous lawyer in an application that was in jeopardy.

With David’s extremely up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the immigration process and its ever changing laws, he was able to sort through the mess, re-file my application and guide me through the proper process.

The office of [David Aujla] treated my wife and me with the greatest of personal care, and David’s ability to communicate the legal language in a way even a German carpenter could understand made this difficult journey a learning experience.

I would not hesitate to recommend [David Aujla], a law firm that is not only honest and professional, but one that has treated us with both respect and sensitivity during an extremely confusing and stressful time. Our dreams would have remained dreams if it were not for the hard work and heart that went into my file, and for this my wife and I will be forever grateful.

From one very happy settled Canadian resident I say …… danke schön.


Celia Hopkins – United Kingdom

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your valuable help, support and assistance with my successful application for family class sponsorship. This was a very traumatic and unsettling process which you made all the easier for me by your professionalism, approachability and willingness to guide me through each step of the way. I can now go on holiday feeling relaxed and with the knowledge that there will be no difficulties when I return to Canada in January 2004.


Thomas Briden – United States

When I first knew that I wanted to move to Vancouver Island, I had no idea how long or difficult the process of immigrating to Canada would be, nor that it would be perhaps the most difficult time in history to immigrate in the wake of 9/11. Regulations and requirements were changing faster than I could keep up with, and IRCC was terribly backlogged. This is not a process I would recommend navigating on your own.

I chose [David Aujla] based upon nothing more than seeing [the] website, but in all honesty, I can not imagine having made a better choice to represent me. David Aujla was always on top of changing regulations before they came to pass, and would promptly advise me proactively as to their significance to my case. His knowledge and experience guided me through the vast bureaucracy which I can not even imagine having to face alone, and he knew exactly how to best present my case to the extent that my personal interview was waived.

I should also add that David was always completely straightforward about fees, and there were never any surprise charges. From some people I’ve spoken with, this is definitely not the case with some other immigration lawyers. David Aujla’s representation was worth every penny, and I would recommend him to anyone seeking Canadian residency without hesitation.


George M – India

I truly appreciate the hard work that you and your staff put in to get my permanent residency application approved. I am convinced that if it weren’t for the remarkable job that you did on my application and the wonderful way in which you represented my case, things would have been very different today. You and your staff have been responsive, polite, attentive, supportive, diligent and dedicated to my cause and I am truly grateful. Thanks a million!


Nat & Leslie Klein – United States

As we celebrate our new status as Canadian residents, we feel a tremendous gratitude for the individual that helped make it possible. During the most tumultuous period in recent memory for Canadian immigration, David Aujla skilfully guided us through a seemingly endless maze of ever-changing bureaucracy. David’s impressive knowledge of the immigration system and its current evolution afforded him the ability to anticipate changes in the system, rather than being reactive.

David always answered our many questions speedily and with explanations that we easily understood. His warmth and personal touch contributed greatly to the process. We hold David Aujla and his team in the highest regard for their exemplary efforts on our behalf.


Emily Butler – Argentina

When I first decided to attend university in Canada, I had a lot of questions. I am a U.S. citizen but live in Argentina with my Argentinean husband. I wanted to find a Canadian immigration lawyer who would offer e-mail consultation on obtaining a student visa for myself and a work permit for my husband.

I sent e-mails to a number of immigration lawyers but they all refused to answer questions about non-immigrant visas. When I received Mr. Aujla’s helpful, friendly response it was like a breath of fresh air.

While preparing my visa applications, I e-mailed Mr. Aujla whenever I had problems or questions. Each time, he promptly responded with well-reasoned answers. It was a great relief to know that I could obtain legal advice at the click of a button.

Two days ago, my husband and I received our visas from the Canadian Embassy in Buenos Aires. Canada, here we come!


W.J. Helliesen and Frances A. Lord – United States

We are taking this opportunity to say again how tremendous your services have been. The availability of time from you and your staff to our numerous officer and phone calls made a sometimes stressful time for us more tolerable. Prior to hearing of David Aujla we had contemplated going through the Application for Permanent Residence procedure on our own. We soon realized that excellent expertise was required — you certainly proved this was a fact.


Ginny and Roy Wilmin-Browne – United Kingdom

David, thank you so much for all your hard work and encouragement throughout the ordeal! When we arrive and have settled ourselves, we plan to have a champagne celebration — and you will be top of the list of invitees!!!

So many thanks again for everything!


Susan Sperry – United States

I wanted to write and tell you how much my husband and I appreciated everything you and your staff did for us throughout the immigration process. Right from the beginning, your advice on the way to start the process and proceed through it provided a lot of relief for us. The wait is soooo stressful, but you always had answers for us when we became concerned about issues. Your responses were always prompt and professional. That meant a lot to us during this stressful time.

I also want to say how much I appreciated your willingness to discuss immigration issues with us before we had even retained your services. Your services were affordable and we received good value for the dollars we spent.

David, I just wanted to thank you and your staff for everything! We will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs help with the immigration process.


Steve D. – United States

As a natural “do-it-yourselfer,” I was at first inclined to do my own immigration paperwork. But after getting all the forms, I was overwhelmed by the level of detail and the time involved.

The solution was David Aujla and his very capable staff. David handled every aspect of the process on my behalf, pulled the required information from me when needed, and kept me informed all along the way. I consider the investment in fees well spent indeed, as I was able to focus on the details of our family’s relocation to Canada.

I wholeheartedly recommend [David Aujla] to anyone considering immigrating to Canada. They make a challenging process much easier.


S. B. – Luxembourg

I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Aujla and his dear co-workers for their care, dedication, prompt and very friendly service to pursue our permanent resident applications from the very beginning until the end.


Mr. Prabhakar Devarakonda – India

It is with greatest satisfaction that my wife and myself join in thanking you for successfully handling our immigration process.

The most distinguishing factor throughout the process was the dedication, patience, sincerity and highly professional approach to all matters.

We sincerely appreciate the work done in spite of the complicated medical issue with regards to my wife’s case. Really commendable. We have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending and suggesting your name to our friends who are eager to come here from India and the US. Once again, please accept our wholehearted thanks and gratitude for helping us throughout.


T. Hossain – Bangladesh

I really appreciate the excellent service you have provided me at a very affordable cost. All your office staff have been very prompt and efficient in finding answers to the questions I had in the course of the immigration process. I have already recommended your law firm to my friends and relatives who are planning to apply for immigration to Canada. Thanks for the quality of work you have done.


A. M. Rae – United Kingdom

[This] is a very professional law firm. I found contact with David Aujla and his assistants very easy and helpful at all times.

Immigration is a long and often frustrating process. There is so much information to collate and present with application forms that it is extremely difficult for an individual to cover all aspects and get the finished application entirely correct. David Aujla and his team are experts in presenting the application in an acceptable form where accuracy and detail are vital.

I was interviewed in London at Canada House and the interviewing officer complimented me on my application and its content. I believe the whole processing of my application was simplified and progressed without impediment due to David’s personal attention to the details required by the immigration authorities.

I have no hesitation in recommending David and his associates to anyone wishing help and advice on immigration.


Sabine Georgy and Michael Loewel – Germany

Your service was excellent. It was very friendly, prompt and in plain English. We knew what was going on all the time and felt very confident in the whole process.

We can definitely recommend Mr. Aujla and his staff to anybody who needs help immigrating to Canada.


Z. A. – Lebanon

Mr. Aujla was very patient and compassionate with me. His experience and professionalism were unquestionably impeccable. It is for these reasons and more I still use his services and I’ve recommended to everyone ever since.


David Franklin – United Kingdom

The advice that I could give someone who is reading these testimonials is to go no further and to use David Aujla as your immigration lawyer. With his knowledge of the immigration process and the invaluable support of his legal assistant, you would be wasting your time looking elsewhere. His professionalism is second to none and he will not make any false promises to you on the success of your application or on how long it will take.

Many thanks David for the prompt and courteous manner which you showed when dealing with our questions regarding my application for immigration and obviously the successful outcome! Roxanna and myself will be forever thankful!


Azim Patel – Congo

Thank you, Mr. Aujla, for a magnificent job in obtaining my Canadian landed immigrant visa in record time. Initially, I had doubts, due to the complexity of my situation, but you appeased those concerns. Moreover, I was really impressed with your office’s professionalism. I was treated with the utmost respect and didn’t feel like I was just another case.


Bob van Tassel – United States

As an American that recently completed the immigration process to Canada, I highly recommend retaining the services of [David Aujla]. The immigration process is arduous at best, and I can’t imagine trying to navigate all of the barriers to entry without their guidance. They queried me for all of the information needed with easy to read forms via email. When there were questions on my end, they were always fully answered by Mr. Aujla within 24 hours. This prompt service contributed towards reducing the amount of time the entire process took (seven months from date of submission of my case). Their painstaking attention to detail in the preparation of my application for permanent residence package (over 100 pages) was instrumental in expediting the process.


C & J MacKinnon – New Zealand

We have at last achieved our dream of attaining permanent residency in Canada.

There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that the wisest decision we could have made was to engage you at the start to handle our application for us. We have found your service totally professional, extremely thorough, and always with a personal touch that can mean so much when we are thousands of miles away from our intended home.

There is also no doubt in our minds that, had we attempted to handle the process on our own, we would still be struggling our way through the necessary processes. We regard our investment in your services as excellent value.

You and your staff have been wonderful to deal with, and the fact that we can now look forward to arriving in our new home shortly is due, we have no doubt at all, to the quality of your advice, support and skills. Plus the fact that you’re a great guy to work with.

David, we will forever be grateful to you and your people for all you have done. Please take this as our personal, sincere and freely-offered testimonial.

If we can convince any intended applicants anywhere that [David Aujla] will give them the best possible service in what really can be a daunting process, then we’ll be content.


Dr. David Pushkin – United States

Words cannot describe the amount of gratitude I feel for all Mr. Aujla’s assistance and guidance in obtaining my Canadian visa. It seems as if once the visa was in hand, doors that were closed to me are now open. I am incredibly excited by the new opportunities given to me to finally pursue my intellectual dreams in an environment conducive for me. Of course, none of this would have been possible if it were not for Mr. Aujla’s unwavering support and advocacy. Thank you so much.


Island Internet Inc. – Canada

Mr. Aujla’s comprehensive knowledge of immigration law was invaluable in our quest to hire an Argentinian citizen who was temporarily working in the US. Mr. Aujla painstakingly guided both ourselves and our new employee through the immigration process with professionalism, patience and incredible attention to detail. Without the benefit of his expertise, we would definitely not be enjoying the incredible creative talents of our new web designer.


R. S. – Brazil

During the time that Mr. Aujla assisted me to get my permanent resident visa I was attended very very well. The services were developed with efficiency and reached the goals. I was very satisfied and I intend to say thanks personally in a few months when I will move to Canada.


A. W. – Indonesia

Before I decided to hire Mr. Aujla to represent my case, I sent my personal information for free assessment to 5-10 lawyers including Mr. Aujla. There are four reasons why he stood out over any other immigration lawyer:

He responded to all my e-mails in less than 3 days, normally in a day, while it took at least a week, usually 1 – 3 weeks, to get a response from other lawyers.

He always remembered my personal information and thus, he was able to advise and to represent me accordingly, based on my background.

He never gave too good to be true promises on his website, while others did and thus, raised a big question mark as to whether the others could deliver the promise. He proved himself to me that he was a result oriented person which was one of the most important things I required from a lawyer representing me.

He went to a great deal to answer all my questions thoroughly. Additionally, he was in good standing with the Law Society. All those factors combined together convinced me to hire him and it turned out I made the best decision.


C. F. – Australia

Mr. Aujla provided excellent service for me and my fiancé for what was a complicated issue when I planned to immigrate to Canada from Australia. I was very happy with how he handled my matter and wish to highly recommend him.


P. S. – India

Working with Mr. Aujla was a pleasurable experience. He would always prepare me for the worst case scenario which of course put me in a good position. Among other things, one advantage of dealing with Mr. Aujla was that he was always accessible for information and advice. I could always reach him through e-mail, or his 1-800 number. I give him all the credit for converting my borderline case to a full-blown success!


I. M. – Greece

I would give Mr. Aujla an A+ grade. He was very attentive and dealt with us on a personal level. He was very friendly and took care of matters efficiently. I would describe my experience with [this firm] as FANTASTIC!!!

An Associate of

Crease Harman LLP