Full Time Vacancy

If a BC. employer has a vacancy for a full time permanent job where there is a shortage of qualified Canadians, the employer can apply under the Provincial Nominee Program. The employer finds a qualified non-Canadian and applies to the provincial program on behalf of the non-Canadian to determine if the person qualifies. The program encourages employers to nominate qualified non Canadians who are in demand. At present, some of the areas of interest are high technology, bio technology, aerospace, university and college educators, skilled trades people and healthcare professionals.

Employers Outside Metropolitan Areas

This avenue is especially advantageous for employers who are outside the Greater Vancouver and Victoria metropolitan areas. Employers from smaller centers may be able to nominate successfully a non-Canadian for a position that normally would not qualify if a person were nominated within the urban centres. The provincial government understands that it is hard to recruit and retain staff in more remote areas than in the urban centres.

Entry Time Reduction

The benefit for you, the potential employee, is that the entry time for the immigrant can be reduced to 4-6 months for a work permit rather than waiting 18 months or more for permanent residency. However, while you are working here, a permanent application can be started.

Skilled Worker Assessment

Fill out the following application to determine whether you qualify under this category.

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