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Immigration to Canada

To better understand the Canadian immigration process, we have compiled the following information for you. When you are ready to further discuss your options, please contact us.

Canadian Citizenship


If you have studied full time in Canada for two years resulting in a degree or diploma, AND have worked for one full year after the degree, you may qualify for expedited permanent residence.


Canada requires foreign skilled professionals to fill job shortage or certain skilled positions. If you fall into this category, you may qualify for temporary work and eventually apply for permanent residence.

Spousal / Common Law Sponsorships

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you can file an application to sponsor your foreign national spouse and dependents.


If you are looking to establish or invest in businesses in Canada, you may qualify for temporary entry.

  • A quick update for you since you were so kind to provide us with your advice: we used the urgent application process and the response time was incredible. His Citizenship Certificate arrived today in the mail – it was mailed by Canada Immigration ONE DAY after they received his application!! Incredible! Now he can go back to Vancouver and start this career-changing internship. Thank you so much!
    Theresa Metzger – United States
  • My wife and I would like to personally thank David Aujla and his excellent staff for guiding us through permanent residency. Prior to hiring David, we had pitfalls with so called ‘immigration firms’ where we were simply a number and were unhelpful in advancing our case. After a consultation with David, we had several options made available for us, and had a clear path to residency.
    Mark & Barbara – New Zealand
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