Each case is different, and the legal fees for an immigration case will depend on the type of application being made.

In a typical immigration application, David Aujla works with you to ensure that you understand the requirements of the Express Entry System. He will advise on:

  1. All relevant personal, work, and educational details for you and your family members wishing to immigrate.
  2. Determine if any or all of your educational credentials should be further accredited or evaluated before applying.
  3. Advise you of the requirements for any professional registration or licensing pertaining to your potential employment in Canada.
  4. Ensure that relevant work experience is considered for your application.
  5. Assess the number of points that you will obtain.
  6. Ensure that only the most accurate of documents, without any inconsistencies or mistakes, are submitted for review by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.
  7. Ensure that you are fully prepared for the interview, if one is required.
  8. Ensure immediate access by telephone to David Aujla personally in the event of any inquiries.
  9. Ensure 24 hour response to any telephone calls and emails or immediate appointments for telephone consultations.

Our goal is absolutely personalized service on which you can rely for trouble-free processing of your application.

Assessment and consultation

Throughout our website, you will find questionnaires which may fit your situation. Complete the questionnaire, send it in and we will respond within a few days with a brief initial analysis of your chances of being successful with your immigration application. If you have a general question or do not see what may apply to you, send us an email through our contact us link

If you need more specific advice, call to make an appointment for an in-person or telephone consultation. A minimum fee of Cdn. $560 (including taxes) applies for a consultation.

We accept Visa and Mastercard

Applications and fees

In addition to the lawyer’s fees, you will have to pay Canadian government immigration fees which vary according to the type of application and the number of family members applying.

Processing fees are as follows (amounts are quoted in Canadian dollars):

Principal Applicants:

Principal applicant (skilled worker) $ 550
Business class applicant $ 1,050

Dependent Family (all immigration categories):

Spouse, common-law or same-sex partner $ 550
Each child under 18 years $ 150

Permanent Residence Fee:

This is a fee charged by the Canadian Government once your visa has been issued to land in Canada.

Each person over 22 $ 490

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