Opening the Doors to Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada with the Express Entry System

Call today! Our firm offers three levels of professional advice depending on your needs and your budget:

3 levels of service to fit your needs


      - Designed to answer all your questions before you start
      - We help you understand the different processes, the hidden traps, timelines and costs
      - Consider it as a guide or roadmap to your ultimate goal
      - For contact information, see David's Telephone Consultation Page


      - Designed to provide a thorough review of your completed application just before you file
      - We check all your forms and supporting documents
      - We suggest changes, amendments and ideas to improve your application to ensure smooth and efficient processing


      - Designed to look after you fully from beginning to end
      - We become your legal representatives, prepare and complete all forms, compile all the documents and make comprehensive written submissions to IRCC
      - We maintain continuous communication with you and IRCC

• From US and Canada 1-800-818-1373.
• From the United Kingdom 0 8000 323528.
• From other Countries 1-250-383-3542.

*note: we're on Pacific Time (Greenwich - 8)

Telephone Consultations

As you get more information about the immigration process and the Express Entry System, you will no doubt have many more questions. You may have trouble getting all the answers you need from government offices.

When you are ready to seek more specific advice about your case, a telephone call can be the most cost effective method of easing your mind with answers. Read our client testimonials. Read David's extensive quotations in a New York Times article.

You will receive personal attention from David Aujla regarding all of your immigration questions.

For a typical in-depth conversation, the fee is Cdn $400 (plus taxes). We will ask you for a Visa or MasterCard number in advance.

Not sure if this is what you need? Contact us via our contact form.

  • I am most grateful for his availability and quick insightful responses by email to any questions as they arose throughout. I would recommend David to anyone trying to immigrate to Canada.

    Kevin Anderson United States
  • He offered a truly great service and continued to guide and re-assure me when the bureaucracy became too much for me!

    David Darby United Kingdom
  • I would just like to convey my heartfelt gratitude towards David and his team. They have been thorough from the very start, guiding me through each step towards gaining my permanent resident status.

    Allan James Australia