In Spousal Sponsorships

If you have made an application for your spouse or common law partner and have been scheduled for an interview by Canadian Immigration, your first concern will be the nature of the questions to be asked. In the case that you are both attending, you must understand that the interview will be conducted separately to ensure that you do have a joint life together.

Here are some sample questions used to prepare a foreign spouse who is being interviewed at a Canadian consulate abroad and her husband is a Canadian resident living in Victoria BC.

  1. How did you meet?
  2. How did the relationship develop?
  3. Describe the first time that you met and give full particulars?
  4. Who proposed?
  5. When was the first proposal?
  6. When was an engagement ring given?
  7. When did you get the engagement ring?
  8. When did you receive the wedding ring?
  9. Where was the wedding ring purchased?
  10. Did you exchange pictures before your meeting?

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