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Recently a colleague was representing a client-student who had been attending university full time for several years with a valid permit. Unfortunately the student did not pass two courses and applied to extend his study permit so he could re-take them. Due to class scheduling he could take only take one class in the fall semester and one after Christmas. According to IRCC’s website, a student can work up to 20 hours per week off campus if they are studying part-time because they are completing their last session of their degree or diploma.

However, what is posted online by IRCC is not what the reality is. Here is the official response by IRCC to that very situation:

This is in response to your enquiry sent regarding working off-campus while holding part-time status during the final academic session of a program.

We apologize for the contradiction on our webpages and any confusion it may have created.

Currently, the webpage you linked ( is in error. Students are not currently eligible to work off-campus during the final academic session of a program if they are studying part-time as they do not satisfy the eligibility requirements set out in the PDI on off-campus work.

We appreciate you bringing the discrepancy on our website to our attention and are working to correct it.

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