This article is final part of a 8 part series: Average Salary. In these articles, we will share with you the findings from the BC PNP Statistical Report for 2018.

  1. Registration Intake
  2. Application Intake
  3. Nominations
  4. Top Source Countries
  5. Top Occupations – Skill Immigration
  6. Tech Pilot
  7. Regional Distribution
  8. Average Salary

Average Salary 2018

As depicted in the table below, the average salaries have increased over the years since the Skills Immigration Registration System began in 2015.

SI Nominees – Average Annual Salary

Category 2018 2017 2016
EEBC – Skilled Worker $69,946 $72,239 $74,144
Skilled Worker $65,210 $62,701 $51,516
EEBC – International Graduate $42,213 $39,321 $44,318
International Graduate $39,675 $39,132 $36,497
Entry Level And Semi-Skilled $39,081 $40,775 $43,269

Source: BC PNP Statistical Report 2018 (p.10)

Average Salary Highlights

The two categories with evident increases are the Skilled Worker (+4.0%) and EEBC-International Graduate (7.4%) categories.

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