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In 2015, the total number of immigrants to BC was 35,730.

Over 60% came as economic entries which included about 19 % PNP selected candidates. Of these successful candidates, a very small number are selected under the
business stream. In fact as you will see from the following chart, only 128 candidates were selected under the entrepreneurial guidelines for the whole of 2016. Since revamping their selection process in 2015, the BC PNP has become very restrictive in picking business candidates. The higher standard applied now is a direct consequence of being inundated with questionable applications in the 6 to 8 years preceding 2015 when the standards were lower and the candidates were filing defective and fraudulent applications. The BC PNP has just completed the processing of these old applications and the refusal rate on those applications has been close to 75%.
Given the new requirements , we can anticipate that the rate of new business acceptances by the PNP will remain at about 15 businesses per month.

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