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BC PNP Tech: A Growing Proportion

The BC PNP Tech Pilot was launched in May 2017 to attract talent to B.C. The goal is to make B.C. the favoured location for new and emerging technologies. The stats below show the growing proportion of nominations to the Tech Pilot in the last three years.


17% of all nominations


23% of all nominations


30% of all nominations

Top 3 Occupations

The top three occupations, representing 48% of nominees, were:

Software engineers and designers

Computer programmers and interactive media developers

Graphic artists and illustrators

~ 0

Almost 1000 different BC employers supported nominations through BC PNP Tech

0 days

Median application processing time was 8 days

$ 0 k

Median salary fo Tech nominees was $70,720

0 %

80% of Tech nominees earned at least $50,000

Information is current as of October 19, 2021

Source: BC PNP Fall 2021 update

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