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According to the Migrant Acceptance Index conducted by Gallup, Canada is the most-accepting country in the world for migrants in 2019. Canada received an index of 8.46 out of 9.0. United States had an index of 7.95, placing sixth overall.

The index is based on the points gained from three questions: whether people think migrants living in their country, becoming their neighbours and marrying into their families are good or bad things.

Most-Accepting Countries for Migrants

Migrant Acceptance Index
Canada 8.46
Iceland 8.41
New Zealand 8.32
Australia 8.28
Sierra Leone 8.14
United States 7.95
Burkina Faso* 7.93
Sweden 7.92
Chad* 7.91
Ireland* 7.88
Rwanda 7.88
*Country not on the list in 2016-2017
Source: Gallup World Poll, 2019

Acceptance by Political Views

When assessed by political views, we see a divide on the acceptance of migrants. Americans who approved of Trump’s job performance had a lower score (7.10) of migrant acceptance compared to those who disapproved (8.59) of his performance. In Canada, those who disapproved with Trudeau scored lower as well with a smaller difference (8.21) compared to those who approved (8.73).

Political Divides on Migration in Canada, U.S.

Migrant Acceptance Index
Approve of Trump 7.10
Disapprove of Trump 8.59
Approve of country’s leadership 7.10
Disapprove of country’s leadership 8.49
Approve of Trudeau 8.73
Disapprove of Trudeau 8.21
Approve of country’s leadership 8.59
Disapprove of country’s leadership 8.31
Source: Gallup World Poll, 2019

Acceptance by Education & Age

Similar to the findings in 2017, acceptance of migrants is higher in people with the most education and those living in urban areas in both Canada and the U.S. The difference is more apparent between age groups, where the acceptance falls with age in America while it remains equally accepting in all age groups in Canada.

Migrant Acceptance by Age in the U.S., Canada

Migrant Acceptance Index
15-29 8.34
30-44 8.11
45-54 8.04
55-64 7.79
65+ 7.37
15-29* 8.32
30-44 8.54
45-54 8.53
55-64 8.41
65+ 8.51
*Difference not significant because of smaller sample sizes
Source: Gallup World Poll, 2019

Both Canada and the U.S. have been receiving countries for many years. In recent years, Canada has been accepting more immigrants and the U.S. has been cutting back. Although the policies are going opposite ways, the acceptance of migrants among residents have not changed sharply.

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