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Were you denied a visitor’s visa to Canada?


Recently, noted immigration lawyer, Richard Kurland, filed a request under the Access to Information Act to determine the factors that Canadian immigration officers consider for visitor applications. On many occasions, foreign nationals are frustrated and mystified as to why their solid application for a visitor visa was denied with a very generic and form letter which lacks any specific details. Here are the detailed reasons provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC):


The following factors were considered positive aspects in assessing an application:

• Citizen in his/her country of usual residence;
• Country of usual residence is politically stable;
• Stable, well-paid employment (proof is required in the form of a letter from the employer stating salary, position, date when employment commenced and vacation granted);
• Spouse and/or children not accompanying applicant;
• Owner of a substantial business (registration of business and, if necessary, financial statements);
• Good financial situation (as proved by bank statements);
• Previous trips to Canada;
• Previous trips to countries as attractive to illegals as Canada such as the United States, France, United Kingdom, and others;
• Property in country of usual residence;
• Host (particularly in family visit cases) with legal status in Canada (citizen, permanent resident, student with student authorization, etc.).


The following factors were considered negative aspects in assessing an application:

• Host remained in Canada on a visitor visa or student authorization or entered illegally (based on the record of landing or previous files) – experience shows that where the host has already abused the system, it is highly likely that his/her guests will do the same;
• Unmarried (particularly if the applicant is young and their chances of successful establishment in the country of usual residence are poor);
• Poor financial situation;
• Poorly paid employment or unemployed;
• Host is a friend or distant family member with whom the applicant has had little contact;
• No previous travel abroad;
• Has previously been denied a visitor visa (or student or employment authorization);

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