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Because language test results such as IELTS or CELPIP only have a shelf life of 2 years, every express entry candidate must assure that these language test results are valid throughout the application  process especially after submitting the electronic application for permanent status. If there is any possibility of the exam results becoming stale dated during the process, the potential applicant must assure that new results are uploaded at the outset when submitting same the other documents.  When in doubt take a new test and up load new results. Here is the official IRCC position:

    • Regularly, the system is performing various data point checks on Profiles in the Express Entry pool. Language Tests results that have expired will trigger the rejection of the Profile from the Express Entry Pool. The candidate will be informed of the same by a letter sent to his  MyCIC account. Once his Profile is rejected, the candidate has to complete a new Profile from the start.
    • A candidate should be aware of when their language test results will expired and should make necessary arrangements to re-take the test and update their Express Entry profile with new test results, as required.
    • If a candidate receives an Invitation to apply (ITA) on September 1st and his Language Test Results expire on September 2nd, the candidate should only submit his application for Permanent Residence (APR) if he has new Language test results. If the candidate is unable to receive new results within the 60 days period to submit his APR, then candidate should decline the invitation.  If candidate submits his APR with expired results, the APR will be rejected as incomplete.

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