In Implied Status, International Experience Class

Here are the typical IEC (International Experience Class) questions asked by those whose pending work permit may be expiring.

Q: My IEC work permit is expiring. Can I stay in Canada if I apply to extend my stay?
A: You can stay in Canada if you have what’s called implied status. This means the law considers you a temporary resident until we make a decision on your application.

Q: Who has implied status?
You have implied status if, before your work permit expires, you apply:

Q: What if I am applying for a new IEC participation?
A: You’re not eligible for implied status if you apply for a new IEC participation. If you want to stay in Canada while you wait for a decision on your new IEC participation, you must apply to extend your stay as a visitor before your work permit expires. However, you can’t continue working.

Q: Who doesn’t have implied status?
A: You don’t have implied status if you:

  • apply to extend your IEC participation after your work permit expires
    • you must stop working on the day your work permit expires
  • apply for a new IEC participation
  • submitted your profile to an IEC pool and are waiting for an invitation to apply
  • apply to extend your stay as a student or visitor after your work permit expires

Q: Who can work under implied status?
A: If you have implied status, you can keep working if you’ve applied to extend your stay in Canada as a worker. However, you can only keep working:

  • for the same employer
  • under the same conditions, and
  • if you stay in Canada

If you applied for a different type of permit, like a study permit, you can stay in Canada under implied status but you cannot keep working.

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