The following is excerpted from the IRCC presentation given on May 1, 2018.

Compliance Reporting

International Student Program Integrity mechanisms

IRCC’s objective is to build a sustainable International Student Program with suitable program integrity measures at the base of their international student’s programs.

Designated Learning Institution (DLI) Portal

  • The DLI Portal allows DLIs to submit students’ enrolment statuses for bi-annual and Ad Hoc Verification Compliance Reports.
  • The DLI Portal is meant to facilitate the identification of individuals potentially non-compliant with study permit conditions.

Letter of Acceptance Verification Mechanism

  • Centralized and standardized student Letter of Acceptance (LoA) verification process to actively prevent fraudulent study permit applications.

What we do with the data

  • Evaluate trends and emerging issues
  • Share information with partners:
    • Ministries of Education
    • Application processing networks (domestic and overseas)
    • Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)
  • Undertake enforcement verification of students who have been reported as non-compliant by their DLI

Compliance Reporting Exercise – Results from Fall 2017 Compliance Reporting Exercise

  • 649 total reports generated and sent to DLIs across Canada
  • 566 completed and submitted back to IRCC via the DLI Portal

Results from Fall 2017 Compliance Reporting Exercise

Results from Fall 2017 Compliance Reporting Exercise (Continued)