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Google routinely gives American and foreign governments information, including emails, according to Google’s Transparency Report.

Total information requests from Canada in 2013 totalled 101, of which only about a third resulted in some data being turned over.

According to the Transparency Report, Google seems to imply that it only discloses information such as  sign-in IP addresses, account email  and name, and other less sensitive information if the request is made directly from a Canadian government agency. Their language is vague, but it seems that email content would only be disclosed if requested through a diplomatic process like MLAT. 

Types of information is disclosed for Gmail depends on the basis of request (made by a Canadian agency through the US Department of Justice):


        – Subscriber registration information (e.g., name, account creation information, associated email addresses, phone number)

        – Sign-in IP addresses and associated time stamps

Court Order:

        – Non-content information (such as non-content email header information)

        – Information obtainable with a subpoena

Search Warrant:

        – Email content

        – Information obtainable with a subpoena or court order

Google does not provide information about the categories or specifics of the requests or the agencies which make them.

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