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When you qualify for a graduation work permit (after a two, three or four year degree), you  will have three valuable years within which to maximize the steps for permanent residence. The express entry points may drop over the next few years so that a solid year work experience will be all that is needed to qualify for permanent residence (without employer sponsorship), but until then here are some tips on how to maximize your chance for the additional 600 points required for an invitation to apply

Tip # 1  Make sure you secure job that CIC will recognize. It must be in the professional skilled technical or management areas. All jobs are coded under at the  NOC website and only those jobs that are classified in zero, A or B categories will qualify. Check out the NOC site for more information…

Tip #2   Make yourself indispensable to your employer. When you do get that job, learn about the operation in detail. Learn the specialized operational procedures, methodologies and specific IT software used by your employer. Share your knowledge and make suggestions for improvement. The specialized knowledge you gain will help your employer easily distinguish you from other Canadians or permanent residents who may apply for the job when the employer advertises your position (as he must) before sponsoring you.

Tip #3  Exploit your own uniqueness – both cultural and linguistic. You can use your unique knowledge of your own home country and region to help a potential employer look for markets beyond Canada. Some of the most successful graduates I have had  have been appointed as business development managers because of their knowledge of foreign business networks, culture and their facility in another language so that they can assist the employer in marketing overseas. You can transfer your knowledge, as well, to other employees so that an international division can be created for your potential employer.

Tip #4

Perhaps you have a wealthy family member or friend who may wish to assist you. This may be an opportunity for that individual to invest in a business which in turn can hire you as either a CFO or CTO or in a managerial position. Not only will you would then be obtaining your Canadian work experience by assisting your relative or friend, but it may very well open up an avenue for that family member of friend for permanent residence. Under the BC provincial nominee program, there is a business route under which that individual could apply if the goal is to expand a business and create a path of permanent residence. In other words you would be creating a permanent residence opportunity for not only yourself, but for your contact abroad as well. Simply opening up a business on your own would not qualify since you would be a self-employed person and for your permanent residence you must be in an employee-employer relationship.

Following these tips will ensure you have a substantial opportunity for that invitation to apply.

Summary of address made to Master’s students at Royal Roads University October 22, 2015.

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