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The visa offices in New York and Los Angeles are in the process of revising procedures relating to TRP and Rehabilitation applications. Effective 01 August, 2017:

  1. All Rehabilitation applications are to be sent to New York (unless they form part of a Permanent Residence case.)
  2. All Temporary Resident Permit applications are to be sent to Los Angeles (unless they form part of a work permit or TRV case being sent to New York.)
  3. Following a brief grace period, files arriving in the wrong office will be forwarded on without notice, or returned to sender.
  4. Effective 19 July, 2017, online payment only (include PDF receipt with the file) is accepted in the USA. We will continue to cash instruments “in the mail” which were issued prior to this date, again within a brief grace period.


For completion of applications, please follow the following instructions:

  1. Follow the document checklist, adapted sensibly to the client’s situation.
  2. Submit – signed – pages 1 & 2 of the Criminal Rehabilitation application form (IMM 1444) for all RHB and TRP cases. For a TRP, check “for information only” and replace “Criminal Rehabilitation” with “TRP”.
  3. List the convictions on page 1, most recent first. This need not be very detailed; abbreviations and conventions are acceptable, e.g.
  4. Box 17 should briefly summarize the purpose and proposed dates of travel
  5. Enter address and employment information in boxes 19 & 20, most recent first.
  6. Use supplementary pages only as necessary, and not instead of the boxes on the form.




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