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The first time that Americans decided to invade Canada was in 1775, but Canadian winter conditions and British resolve resulted in defeat for our neighbours.

But is there another American invasion on the horizon?

Recently, I responded to a number of media calls asking to comment on the likely scenario of a President Trump presidency.

The last time that we saw a spike of American immigration was during the Bush years. When President Bush was elected in 2000, American immigration to Canada increased 30% beginning in 2003 and climaxed in 2008 when it rapidly declined.

Three factors caused the downward slide – election of President Obama, the increased value of the Canadian dollar and the economic meltdown in the United States. American immigration then returned to normal levels.

Now clouds of uncertainty in the USA may create (to paraphrase Prime Minister Trudeau) “sunny, sunny days” for Canadian Immigration. A President Trump will certainly help spike Canadian immigration of left-leaning Democratic liberals who may be seeking refuge thereby creating another American immigration invasion for the second time in this century.

However, the Canadian immigration rules have changed in the intervening time since President Bush, thanks to immigration policies cemented by 9 years of Conservative rule. Americans knocking on the Canadian door will now find the rules to be more rigid and demanding. These new rules now favour a younger demographic between the ages of 20 and 29, those who have studied in Canada, gained Canadian work experience and who ideally have a Canadian employer to sponsor them.

Whereas previously baby boomers had qualified during the Bush years, we now expect the children of baby boomers to be the chosen ones especially if they are looking to further their education in Canada, a move which will ultimately enhance their chances for Canadian immigration. Also we will see an increase in NAFTA applications under both the professional and the investor categories since NAFTA favours applications from American citizens.

The present differing political climates in both the US and Canada may create the perfect storm for an immigration invasion of Canada by Americans, unwittingly led by President Trump. He may very well succeed where his predecessors Benedict Arnold and General Richard Montgomery failed in that cold Canadian winter in 1775.

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