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Occasionally clients cannot get letters of reference or proof of work history form past employers because of a variety of reasons. When this question was posed recently by a colleague, CIC responded as follows:

“It is in each candidate’s best interest to provide as fulsome a work history as possible at the Express Entry profile stage to ensure that all of their work experience is assessed against the minimum entry criteria, particularly if they may meet the criteria for more than one program. However, a candidate who wishes to disclose only that work experience which meets the minimum entry criteria for a specific program may choose to do so when completing their profile. For instance, a candidate who has worked in Canada in a skilled occupation on a full-time basis for twelve months at the time they complete their Express Entry profile, and who wishes to have their work experience assessed against only the minimum entry criteria for the Canadian Experience Class, would not be required to disclose their work experience over the last ten years or work in a low-skilled occupation at the Express Entry profile stage for the purposes of being assessed for eligibility to be placed into the pool. Note that for any periods of Canadian work experience disclosed by the candidate in their profile, they must indicate whether that work was authorized and under what circumstances it was authorized (e.g. LMIA-based work permit, work permit exempt).”

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