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Why hire an immigration lawyer for your immigration needs, when the self-explanatory immigration and citizenship website, actually encourages to process the application without authorized representation? Good question!

Because of Canada`s liberal immigration policy there is an overwhelming influx of immigrants moving to Canada from all parts of the globe. Canada adjusts its requirements, its policies and regulations on a regular basis to keep in line with current economic conditions. To keep updated and aware of such changes, is a task in itself. An immigration lawyer who deals with the immigration department on a consistent basis through a constant stream of files and clients is always aware of changes and can advise clients accordingly and therefore avoid unplanned refusals and delays.

Although most of the applications or programs may not appear cumbersome or complex, they are not to be taken lightly. The detail or precision required for a successful application is best answered by a person who has had the experience of completing many applications and is accustomed to the finer nuances required by immigration.

The precision comes in not only completing detailed applications, but also in submitting the necessary documents which will reveal the intent and substance of the application being submitted, free of confusion and inconsistencies. Immigration officers are overwhelmed with the workload and have limited time for each application. To understand their perspective, one needs to be in constant contact with them. To anticipate the immigrations officers’ expectations or actions is where the expertise of a lawyer stands out.

When an application is not successful or the application is returned, frustrations set in. Not only is time lost, but future prospects and aspirations come to a halt. The next necessary steps usually require careful planning, ranging from which forum to apply under or what amendments can be made to create a successful application. In such cases, hiring an immigration lawyer is definitely advisable.

In the end, the question is the amount of time you can invest in your own application. If you cannot afford the time to look into the regulations, details and policies, all of which impact the quality of information and documents needed, then the answer to the question should be, yes, you do need an immigration lawyer.

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