In Temporary Status - Work Permits


As a guest speaker and lecturer, do I need a Canadian work permit?


If you are involved in a presentation for up to five days, you do not need a work permit to speak in Canada.  You may need a visa, though, if you come from one of the following countries. See the Citizenship and Immigration site at the link below.

However, you will not need a work permit. I suggest that the following documents be presented on entry to prove you are a guest speaker:

  1. Your valid passport
  2. A resume outlining your publications and accomplishments
  3. A copy of your diploma
  4. A copy of your rental agreement where you presently reside
  5. A copy of your utility bills pertinent to your leased premises
  6. A copy of your pay stub showing what you earn on a monthly or bi-monthly basis
  7. A copy of your filed income tax return
  8. A copy of a bank statement showing that you have sufficient funds ($5,000 – $10,000 in a retirement plan or a savings)
  9. A letter of invitation from the institution or business which invited you indicating the length of your presentation and the fact that they are hiring you in your capacity as a lecturer to make a presentation and the reasons for that presentation.  The letter can contain the honorarium or remuneration paid if that has been negotiated.
  10. A copy of your return ticket to your home country.

 All of this documentation can be used to support your entry without a work permit for the speaking engagement.

 For further information on lecturers involved in such short term engagements, see the following website:

 by David Aujla

An Associate of

Crease Harman LLP