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Comparative Ranking System (CRS)

In its selection process, the Immigration department continues to emphasize youthful immigrants, Canadian education and Canadian work experience. The table below shows the maximum points available under the Comparative Ranking System for both married and unmarried applicants. The change in November 2016 eliminates the previous 600 points granted for arranged LMIA employment generally, reserving it exclusively for PNP approved candidates. There are reduced work points for other jobs, however, while increasing points for Canadian education and work experience. So if individuals have obtained Canadian education in previous years, they will be able to garner extra points under the Comparative Ranking System.

Individuals between the ages of 18 and 31 are in the maximum point range, receiving between 99 to105. Those over 44 years receive zero points.

With respect to education those who have obtained a university degree or trade school diploma obtain maximum points ranging between 112 to150, depending on their credential and their marital status.

Previous Canadian education now can assist potential applicants for up to 30 additional points and having Canadian work experience of up to five years or more, can offer an additional 80 points.

The comprehensive ranking system favours those who found their way into Canada to study and eventually work. These changes, emphasizing Canadian education and work experience ensure, in turn, that the language skills will be at peak performance as well. The following chart displays the company comprehensive ranking system as it stands at the end of 2016—

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